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11 Hacks For Your Most Productive Workday, Every Day

Photo by Eldad Carin
August 09, 2017

From adding a desk plant to calm the vibe to keeping gummy vitamins on hand to satisfy your afternoon sweet tooth in the healthiest way possible, mindbodygreen staff members know a thing or two about creating a healthy desk environment. These are some of our favorite ways to create a productive work environment:

1. Declutter anything you haven't used in a month.

See if it’s of use to anyone else in the office and, if not, find somewhere to donate it! The key to decluttering well is decluttering consistently—don’t be afraid to change things up and keep it fresh. When it comes to work, a new environment can lead to breakthroughs, inspiration, and energetic shifts.

2. But of course, keep items you use every day.

This includes mugs, tea, water glasses, room spray, your notebook, and of course, vitamins. To add a bit of joy into your daily multi, try mykind Organics Gummies from Garden of Life®—they are Certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, and made with real fruit. Plus, there are versions for men and women—so there’s something for everyone! Having these essentials easily accessible will save you tons of time in the long run.

3. Implement file-it Fridays.

Photo: Eldad Carin

If left alone, the piles of stuff on our desks would take on a life of their own. It’s definitely happened more than a few times. We recommend blocking off a half-hour (sometimes more) every Friday—when it’s most likely that you’re tired or fried from the week anyway—to organize your desk. It’s like changing the sheets for your bed: There’s nothing like starting Monday off on a clean, crisp note. Your future self will thank you, plus your desk will stay tidy.

4. Organize your knickknacks with a tray.

An open office environment where your desk is visible to everyone comes with its ups and downs. It’s nice because you get a peek into everyone’s desk "style," and as you might imagine, some of our colleagues have seriously cool setups. (Read: crystals, unicorns, desk plants, essential oils, face masks, and gummy vitamins galore!) But on the flip side, it opens a channel to public critique. Don’t be "that person" who cannot keep her desk clean. If you’re too busy to declutter, organize your knickknacks with a tray or in a drawer. It’s amazing what a little boundary can do!

5. Remember that both form and function are important.

Treat yourself to a beautiful water bottle and/or mug you won't mind having on your desk. We love handmade ceramics or even a simple glass carafe. Objects of beauty can be functional, too.

6. Try a bullet journal to-do list.

Photo: Leandro Crespi

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of bullet journaling at mbg. Keeping a journal handy is one of the best ways to capture fleeting ideas, because, let’s be real—they never, ever, ever come at the right time. It’s always on the commute, in the shower, in the middle of the night, or during a meeting. Scrap the random Post-its and use your bullet journal to jot down and organize your ideas. Making sure you capture them in the moment is key to maintaining focus while they float around in your mind.

7. Hide or organize your cords.

This is a big one! Even the most organized desk can be plagued with rogue cords. The only thing worse than a visible pile of cords is a pile of cords that you have to untangle when you’re looking for your phone charger, computer charger, or headphones. Try using cord tacos or other cord management accessories to keep your cords free from tangling and your desk in tiptop shape.

8. Add essential oils to the mix.

Whether it’s rosemary to beat brain fog or thyroid-friendly spearmint and sandalwood, choose scents that clarify your mind and lift your spirits. You can waft the bottles directly or plug in your desktop diffuser. If your office allows it, burning a calming candle in the evening is by far the loveliest way to work late.

9. Make space for a plant.

The research shows that having a plant on your desk (or in your home) actually boosts happiness and purifies the air, making your space visually, mentally, and physically more stimulating. Our personal favorites include succulents like aloe and cactuses for desktops and rubber or snake plants if you have more room.

10. Display something that makes you smile.

Photo: Melissa Ross

No, it doesn’t have to be totally cheesy (unless you’re into that—no judgments!). Whether it’s a card someone wrote you, artwork by your kid, a photo from vacation, a favorite book, or an award you won, it should remind you of what you’re working for.

11. Use an ergonomic pillow on your chair.

Even if you use a standing desk, having an ergonomic chair is very important for long-term sitting. Not only is it better for your spine, but sitting well and shifting your position during the day can help keep you alert and productive.

Like many endeavors, it’s the little things that add up to make a big difference. But most importantly, staying productive all day is about keeping energy and spirits bright. Happy hacking!

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
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