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The Guide To Healthy Summer Hydration: A Flavor For Every Occasion

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Image by Mauro Grigollo / Stocksy

The long and sweltering days have arrived. As summer fully blossoms, we find ourselves in the season of more—more light, more fun, more indulgence. And while we know more hydration is key to keeping up with all the sunlit shenanigans, we forget to prioritize H2O as we're constantly on the go.

Why is hydration even more important in the summer?

Drinking water should always be a priority, but high temperatures and a blistering sun make hydration critical for staying healthy. Our bodies already generate high amounts of heat on their own (regardless of the season) and regulate that heat through an internal cooling system—aka sweating. But under a hot sun, the body has to work extra hard to manage its temperature. If we're dehydrated, our body may not be able to sweat enough to cool the body down, causing our internal temperature to spike. That's how dangerous conditions such as heat stroke come about.

Drinking water is the most important way to keep things all fun in the sun—but Twinings Cold Infuse™ flavored water enhancers take that to the next level. Because while we all have the best intentions to hydrate, sometimes we need extra motivation. And that's what the herbal and fruity flavors of these enhancers do: They make hydration fun, delicious, and easy. So wherever summer calls you—from the pool to the woods—here are five ways to enjoy Twinings Cold Infuse™ water enhancers for summer hydration on the go.

We call this hydration hack a picnic-pleaser.

Image by Twinings / mbg Contributor

We all love to celebrate summertime by heading to a park, spreading out a blanket, and passing the day with classic sips and snacks. But we probably aren't meeting the suggested hydration requirements for hanging out in the heat: 8 ounces of water every 15 to 20 minutes1. So the first item in the picnic basket: Twinings Cold Infuse™ Watermelon & Mint water enhancers. Besides, it's not a picnic without watermelon, and the cool mint flavor is refreshing, to boot. Simply drop an infuser into your water bottle, and picnic on.

Get in the tropical mood for your pool day.

Whether you're on your pool floatie or splashing around with your kids, it's understandable that hydration can slip your mind when you're surrounded by all that water. But if the sun's out, our body needs that extra nourishment. There are only a few things people will jump out of the pool for, and cold water enhanced with Twinings Cold Infuse™ Strawberry & Lemon is one of them. Or if hanging out poolside is more your vibe, fill your water bottle and drop in an infuser of Mango & Passionfruit. It only takes a few sips to start hearing ocean waves.

Treat yourself on your next camping trip or hike.

Summertime is for getting out in nature and bonding with The Great Outdoors. Our ability to sustain a long hike, or feel our best throughout weekend camping trips, is directly connected to how much water we're drinking (especially at high altitudes). Twinings Cold Infuse™ flavored water enhancers make hydration easy, no matter the adventure. The juicy flavors of Twinings Cold Infuse™ Blueberry & Apple make drinking water feel less like a chore and more like a treat. Drop an infuser in your water bottle (or your CamelBak!) and reach the summit fully quenched.

Keep water close by while you're gardening.

What makes a garden thrive? Water! Why should we humans be any different? Sometimes hours beneath a boiling sun can fly by as we're getting our hands dirty, weeding, planting, and harvesting. Keep a full bottle of cold water nearby, enhanced with Twinings Cold Infuse™ Lemon & Ginger. This light and citrusy flavor pairs perfectly with all green-thumbed endeavors.

Hit the road with plenty of H2O.

There are a few necessary ingredients for any memorable road trip: a good playlist, an abundance of snacks, and flavorful drinks to stay hydrated (and keep your brain sharp for those car games). Instead of opting for sugary drinks and sodas, try Twinings Cold Infuse™ as your sugar-free, on-the-go hydration solution. And if you can't live without the bubbles (we get it), drop an infuser of Peach & Passionfruit into soda water for a more exciting way to hydrate healthfully.

One simple summer intention.

We get it, amid all the summer fun, forgetting to pause and drink water happens. We have friends to meet, cocktails to drink, and tents to pitch... But we won't enjoy any of that if we're dehydrated—and as much as we love the sun, we have to combat the effects of that fireball. This summer, we're setting one simple intention to show up better for our bodies through hydration. And we're using Twinings Cold Infuse™ flavored water enhancers to keep that promise, especially when we're on the go. Summer has arrived, fun is calling, and we're ready to do it all, water bottle in hand.

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