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Save $150 On The Garmin Venu Smartwatch, A Fitness Tracker & Stylish Accessory In One

Carleigh Ferrante
July 11, 2023
Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor
By Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor
Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen.
garmin venu watch prime day sale
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July 11, 2023
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A fitness tracker is one of the easiest way to optimize your movement, but there's no denying that these high-tech devices can be expensive. While I believe in investing in your well-being, I also know the importance of financial health. Luckily, Amazon Prime Day is here with ways to score the best health tech for less, including my favorite running watch: the Garmin Venu 2S Smartwatch.

Normally, the tracker costs $400, but select colorways are $150 off right now for the two-day shopping event. The discount makes the Venu 2s the cheapest it's ever been at $250, per camelcamelcamel.

Of course, there are plenty of other fitness trackers discounted for Prime Day—but I'd consider this markdown to be the deal that you shouldn't miss. As a serious runner, I've tested countless running watches over the last decade, and the Venu 2S stands above the rest.

The watch tracks sleep, stress, and activity, all while offering just the right amount of motivation to keep me moving. Here's why I strongly recommend the device to not only other marathon runners but anyone who wants to optimize their fitness routine.

Garmin Venu 2S

garmin venu 2S watch prime day sale

What's great about the Garmin Venu 2S?

Wearable trackers have been linked to increased physical activity1. One review found that people who used fitness trackers logged nearly 2,000 more steps per day2 on average than those who didn't, which is a pretty significant perk considering walking has been linked to longevity.

But not all fitness trackers are the same; you'll find a range of models on the market targeted to different needs. Personally, I wanted something that wasn't too bulky—and the aesthetics of the Venu 2S drew me in.

The running watch doesn't have the same bulky, sporty appearance as most fitness trackers. With a detailed AMOLED touch screen and sleek design, it feels luxurious. So while I previously reserved wearing my fitness trackers to only workouts and runs, I actually keep the Venu on 24/7 (yes, rest days included).

Best Garmin Venu 2S features

Design aside, the features are what I’m really writing home about. The Garmin Venu tracks a number of activities, such as walking, running, swimming, yoga, and cycling. The best part? Your metrics and goals are personalized to you. If the thought of going from zero to 10,000 steps overnight sounds overwhelming to you, then you'll love that the Garmin Venu gives you a unique daily goal based on your previous activity levels. 

Throughout the day, you'll be able to see how you're tracking to your daily goal, giving you the extra push you might need to get those last few steps in. Of course, if you'd prefer to set your own goal, you can do so in the app settings.

During a workout, the watch displays time elapsed, distance, pace, and heart rate—but its capabilities go far beyond these metrics. The Garmin Venu has a pulse oximeter to track blood oxygen levels during each workout and throughout the day and night. It even has a stress tracker, which can help you identify any common themes around when you feel most tense throughout the day. 

What's more, the battery lasts way longer than on my Apple Watch. I log some pretty long runs while marathon training, so I'd find myself charging my Apple watch every day. The Venu on the other hand, lasts up to five days.

Garmin Venu 2S

garmin venu 2S watch prime day sale

Of course, the battery life depends on what you are using the watch for. If you have GPS turned on with music playback, the battery usage will go up significantly compared to if you're using the watch for basic activity tracking in Smartwatch mode.

Like all Garmin watches, the Venu is surprisingly comfortable to wear. The silicone band doesn't trap sweat; instead, it's breathable and lightweight. I have another sleep tracker that does get a bit more granular, but I'll often pair it with my Garmin to compare the data it provides—and even other Amazon shoppers agree that the sleep metrics given are spot on.

The watch detects your sleep by monitoring your heart rate and movement. In the morning, you'll be given data for total hours of sleep, what level of sleep you got, and sleep movement. You'll be able to set your typical sleep hours through your Garmin Connect account, so your scores are personalized to you.

The takeaway

No matter how big of a role fitness plays in your life, the best fitness trackers encourage you to get more movement in and approach your exercise routine in a more mindful way. The Garmin Venu 2S is sleeker than the rest, with a ton of impressive features. Grab the watch now for up to $150 off; it's the type of Prime Day sale you'll thank yourself for shopping.

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Carleigh Ferrante
mbg Commerce Editor

Carleigh Ferrante is the Commerce Editor at mindbodygreen. She is a certified Health & Nutrition Coach and a born and raised New Yorker with a B.A. in Creative Writing and Psychology. Her work has appeared in Bustle, The Zoe Report, PureWow, The Everygirl, and more, covering topics such as fitness, travel, home, fashion, beauty, and dating, sex, and relationships. When she’s not testing and reviewing products and services, you can find Carleigh training for her next World Major marathon, planning her next vacation, or interviewing experts on her dating podcast, Mostly Balanced.