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4 Key Tools For Long-Term Health You'll Learn Through mbg's Functional Nutrition Training Program

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April 8, 2021

Optimizing health and preventing dietary- and lifestyle-related disease involves approaching the human body as a whole, integrated ecosystem. 

Functional nutrition, a mighty pillar of functional medicine, takes a holistic path toward health that stems from a patient-centered approach rather than from a disease-centered approach—which means that instead of treating a symptom, functional nutrition looks at the root of disease and the macro picture of optimal well-being. 

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Through this patient-forward lens, functional nutrition views food as an effective, informative tool with the power to promote sustained health. Drawing from a wealth of knowledge from the world's top doctors and authorities, mbg's Functional Nutrition Training teaches everything you need to know about the scope of functional nutrition. From understanding autoimmune disease to eating your way to glowing hormone health, the program provides an in-depth look into the multidisciplinary realm of functional nutrition education, research, and practice.

Here are four integral tools for superlative health that you'll learn through mbg's training program:


Knowledge of daily habits that promote overall well-being.

With a great emphasis on health-promoting lifestyle habits, the program teaches you that real prevention is about learning how to stay well and making daily choices that support your body's self-healing capacity. Making sleep a priority, avoiding processed foods, and connecting with those you love are some of the many practices that make functional nutrition an indispensable aspect of your everyday tool kit.

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A deeper understanding of autoimmune disease.

Learning how to support the body better to deal with autoimmune disease and chronic inflammation is key to vital health. And considering that autoimmune diseases1 are on the rise (think celiac disease, type 1 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, multiple sclerosis, etc.), this knowledge seems more relevant than ever.

Understanding autoimmune disease (when your body's immune system attacks healthy cells) will help you become better aligned with your body's needs while developing your expertise on sustainable strategies to support immune health (such as anti-inflammatory foods, a gut-healthy diet, and stress management techniques). Some of the topics you'll learn about are autoimmune disease and the nervous system, autoimmune health and infections, as well as advanced healing tools and modalities for autoimmune disease.


A comprehensive overview of different diets.

mbg's Functional Nutrition Training focuses on the most functional, prevalent, and multifaceted health advances in food and eating in the current wellness field. Because everyone is unique—and nutrition is not one-size-fits-all—understanding various approaches to diet can help you work with the body, not against it. Vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free, Ayurvedic, pregnancy, paleo, and ketogenic are some of the dietary theories you'll learn about to solidify and enhance your optimal nutrition knowledge.

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Strategies for longevity.

Ensuring the best possible quality of life as you age involves an amalgam of dietary and lifestyle factors. mbg's training program takes a deeper dive into longevity from the perspectives of diet (i.e., veganism), health span, life span, telomere health, and inflammation to give you unparalleled insight into how to live longer and better with a personalized approach.

Bottom line.

Fusing functional nutrition wisdom into your daily life, addressing cultural humility, and learning about the various multidisciplinary approaches to diet are some of the many valuable tools to take from mbg's extensive Functional Nutrition Training. Learning about the power of food and human health from a critical viewpoint is an unmatched opportunity to educate yourself, cultivate resilience, and contribute to both personal and collective well-being.

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Ximena Araya-Fischel, M.A
Ximena Araya-Fischel, M.A
Food & Nutrition Writer

Ximena Araya-Fischel, M.A, is a journalist, IIN graduate integrative health coach, E-RYT 500 lead yoga teacher, and 500-Hour certified Pilates instructor from San José, Costa Rica. She received her master's degree in communication and journalism from The University of New Mexico, emphasizing well-being, sustainable fashion, health communication research, and graduating Summa Cum Laude. A former professional dancer, she's earned multiple academic and accredited certifications in performance design, positive psychology, doula training, entrepreneurship, digital marketing, mindfulness, innovation leadership, and integrative health. Her work has appeared at top consulting brands and organizations across Latin American and the US, including Byrdie and Albuquerque The Magazine. She currently lives between Costa Rica and New Mexico.