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4 Ways To Excavate Your Next Scary Nightmare Or Vision & Find The Truth

Catharine Allan
June 19, 2020
Catharine Allan
By Catharine Allan
mbg Contributor
Catharine Allan is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Astrologer and author of "A Little Bit of Intuition."
June 19, 2020
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With so much palpable fear in the air these days, it's hard not to imagine worst-case scenarios: for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for the planet.

Many people have come to me in the last few months to share pandemic nightmares, times when they've woken up in a sweat and wondered about what it meant. Have they had a premonition of something real? Is it just a collective unconscious reaction? Or is all the binge-watching and comfort food just getting to their head?

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How to handle a scary vision or apocalyptic intuitive hit.

There is a long history of people making apocalyptic predictions, and while some of them turned out to be true, most of them were way off. Sylvia Brown in her book, End of Days, said, "In around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments." We are all fascinated with prophecy, but it's extraordinarily hard to predict anything about the entire globe accurately. However, we do get personal intuitive hits about bad things that are sometimes true. The hard part is discerning when it is fear versus accurate intuition.

As a clairvoyant, here is the advice I'd give to anyone having apocalyptic dreams or visions right now:

1. Don't believe it right away.

Gather all the vision's details and write them down or meditate on them. See if they match something that's been going on in the news.

For example, one client of mine had a dream once that his parents crashed in a small plane over Italy. "My parents have never been to Italy," he said. "What could this mean?" I told him to check the news, and, sure enough, the night he had this dream, a small plane did crash over Italy. It's pretty common for us to personalize everything. He was right about the vision; it just wasn't about him.

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2. Think about what you've been exposed to in the past few days.

As I explain in my book, A Little Bit of Intuition, movies, news, and rumors can play out in your own worst-case scenario flashes and dreams. Always ask yourself, Is this mine?

3. Don't feel like you need to act on it.

I had a flash years back while drifting off to sleep. I saw my uncle at his cottage on the top of a ladder fixing something. He fell down and died instantly. It came like an instant movie with no emotion. The next day the image was there clearly, and I started to wonder if I should say anything. I decided against it since it would create fear. It was quick and wasn't preventable. A month later I got a call from my mom to tell me my second cousin had died. He was at his cottage on a ladder and fell. He had a stroke and died instantly. His cottage is next door to my uncle's. They are of similar age and height. I was right but not 100%. Why was I shown this? The only thing it did was prepare me to support anyone who needed it.

When our intuition grows, we're often shown a slice of life about illness, accidents, people being fired or divorced or cheating. Why are we privy to this information? Are we supposed to intervene? Did we cause it by seeing it? No: We are a witness and have a choice about how to act. As you trust your intuition, you will see things that are not pleasant because that's real life. People get sick, people cheat, accidents happen, we get extreme weather, trains go off the rails, etc. You will also intuit good things. It's not selective.

4. Record your intuition.

Write down when your intuition was "right," and about what. Many worst-case scenarios are movie-like imaginations—Oscar-worthy creations in our minds based on a tiny sensation we had and then built upon. What we need to do is notice the primary sensation/image this performance was built upon. Your primary feeling, word, or image is usually the true intuition. Don't worry about what it means yet; just notice it. Stay true to immediate intuition that comes, and you'll see it probably has truth, even if symbolic.

If something creates fear, step back from it.

If something rings true and resonates after reflection, heed it.

Time will show you what's real. 

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Catharine Allan

Catharine Allan is a Clairvoyant, Medium, Astrologer and author of A Little Bit of Intuition. She teaches people to develop their intuitive skills and beyond, offering online tarot classes, astrology, and has an active YouTube presence. Catharine also has a podcast every Monday at 8pm called The River Rain Show. She loves to sing and perform, and has trained in haute couture and interior design. She lives in Montreal, Canada.