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The Best Workouts For Introverts (Or If You Need Alone Time)

Betina Gozo
January 31, 2020
Betina Gozo
NASM & ACE-certified personal trainer
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January 31, 2020
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Boutique studios and group fitness classes have become more popular than ever. People love using group fitness as a way to meet new people and feed off others' motivation. But sometimes we all need a little space. And this may be a more frequent occurrence if you identify as an introvert.

So, what if you want to get a good workout and keep to yourself? Here are some of my favorite ways to break a sweat while honoring my introverted side.

How to find your fave solo workouts.

There are tons of great workouts that can be done right in your living room, backyard, or local park.

Try strength training with kettle-bell, dumbbell, and barbell complexes, which are my workouts of choice when I'm on my own. Complexes are a series of three to six different movements done back-to-back with one piece of equipment, without putting the piece of equipment down. They're an easy and effective way to build both strength and endurance.

You can always strengthen your yoga practice by flowing more at home, whether by brainstorming your own favorite poses or following an online yoga class.

HIIT is another fast and effective workout that doesn't require anyone but yourself: Try these HIIT workouts to get sweating in 12 minutes or less.

Running, walking, biking, and hiking are also nice options on your own. If you like the safety of a buddy while hiking, consider bringing along a friend who doesn't drain you, or better yet, a four-legged companion.

Speaking of, there's an entire world of at-home workouts online. Beyond yoga, there are plenty of fitness programs you can watch on YouTube—just make sure you trust the instructor—or you can check out some of mindbodygreen's offerings (I like this total-body workout or this 20-minute workout challenge).

Don't forget recovery! I recommend investing in a foam roller and stretch bands, which will help you tackle your whole workout from start to finish.

Working out with friends or in a group class can be tons of fun, but sometimes, it may not be what you need. So if you're an introvert, or just feeling more introverted than usual, fear not—the fitness world can still be your oyster. Let these go-to's be your guide the next time you want to get a workout in while also getting some alone time.

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Betina Gozo
NASM & ACE-certified personal trainer

Betina Gozo is a Nike Master Trainer, NASM-certified personal trainer, ACE-certified personal trainer, and the creator of Women’s Health Magazine Woman’s Guide to Strength Training. She works with clients and top industry leaders as a fitness professional with a focus/emphasis on strength training. Her #1 goal is to use fitness and training to inspire people to make positive lifestyle changes so they can live their most optimal life. Betina’s strength is motivating clients to reach outside their comfort zone in order to transform their body and mind. An individualized, dynamic approach to fitness helps Betina’s clients find their own passion and drive to reach their fitness goals.