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13 Rabbit Vibrators To Try In 2023, Recommended By A Sex Therapist

Rachel Wright, LMFT
January 29, 2022
Rachel Wright, LMFT
By Rachel Wright, LMFT
Rachel Wright, LMFT, is a psychotherapist recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern relationships, mental health, and sex. She has a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology and has worked with thousands of humans worldwide.
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January 29, 2022
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The Rabbit— one of the most iconic, revolutionary, and original vibrators. This style of vibrator gained popularity when Charlotte York, in Sex and the City, locked herself in her room with hers. The vibrator has a unique but powerful shape. There is a shaft for internal stimulation and an external set of rabbit ears (hence the name) to stimulate the clitoris (though newer models may have a single clitoral stimulator). 

Now, even though this is called the rabbit vibrator, there are still tons and tons of brands that create rabbit-style vibes. Here are some of 2023's best rabbit vibrators to try, from a sex therapist. 

LoveHoney Greedy Girl

I'm not even kidding when I tell you that one of the words to describe this toy on the website is "delicious." The Greedy Girl from LoveHoney is a classic take on the rabbit vibe, but a revamped, even more powerful version. If you're a vulva owner who is desiring this kind of pleasure, all you'll have to do is read the reviews before pressing "add to cart."

LoveHoney Greedy Girl, $100

LoveHoney / LoveHoney

V for Vibes Agrippina Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator

Not only is the V for Vibes Agrippina Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator visually stunning (she's back with a bit of gold), it is also completely waterproof. V for Vibes creates beautiful toys and some of the softest yet most powerful toys on the market. Whether this is your first Rabbit or your 13th, I can highly recommend the Agrippina.

V for Vibes Agrippina Waterproof Rabbit Vibrator, $90

V for Vibes / V for Vibes

We-Vibe Nova 2

We-Vibe is notorious for taking things up a notch. Meaning, this rabbit vibrator can be controlled through the We-Vibe app as an easy way to change the intensity of the vibration. Also, We-Vibe's Nova 2 is very bendy and flexible—which allows the toy to move with and work with your body! Plus, it is also waterproof and rechargeable. Consider it a great long-distance sex toy option, too.

We-Vibe Nova 2, $150

We-Vibe / We-Vibe

CalExotics California Dreaming

If you're looking for an affordable rabbit to dip your toes in the dual stimulation water, the CalExotics California Dreaming rabbit is your toy. This little cutie is smaller yet powerful. It's the perfect beginner rabbit.

CalExotics California Dreaming, $70

CalExotics California Dreaming / CalExotics California Dreaming

Cute Little F*ckers Trinity

This isn't your average rabbit vibrator—but it is designed with all body types and genitals in mind, not just vulva owners! The Trinity is a waterproof, award-winning, 100% silicone toy designed with exploration in mind. Plus, it's adorable.

Cute Little Fuckers Trinity, $90

Cute Little Fuckers / Cute Little Fuckers

Lelo Soraya™ 2

The Soraya 2 is labeled a "luxury" toy in the sex industry for its sleek, intentional design, soft texture, powerful vibrations, and flexible external stimulator. Lelo prides itself on creating not only fantastic sex toys but luxury toys that make you feel spicy.

Lelo Soraya™ 2, $230

Soraya™ / Soraya™

Adam & Eve Evolved Trifecta

OK, so you know the design of a rabbit by now, yes? Well, this is the enhanced rabbit that includes not just the internal vaginal stimulation and external clitoral stimulation but anal stimulation as well. Yes, really! This baby has your classic rabbit design and a graduated-beaded anal stimulator. So, if you're looking for a 3-in-1 toy that is sure to pleasure many of your desired areas, I highly recommend the Evolved Trifecta.

Adam & Eve Evolved Trifecta, $120

Adam & Eve / Adam & Eve

Fun Factory Miss Bi

Miss Bi from Fun Factory is your classic rabbit vibe with a bit of a twist—instead of a lengthy internal shaft, this toy is designed with a shorter, girthier shaft. For many vagina owners, there are many nerve endings and pleasure points right inside the vaginal canal, and this is sure to hit them all. Plus, this toy has a fun feature where you can create a custom vibrator and save it for future uses!

Fun Factory Miss Bi, $150

Fun Factory / Fun Factory

Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo is a rabbit vibe 2.0—meaning it offers the same internal simulation, but instead of the rabbit external stimulation, it provides pulse air clitoral stimulation. Everyone's body is different, and some bodies respond amazingly well to suction toys. If this is you and one of the reasons you have felt iffy about rabbits in the past, here's the perfect vibe for you.

Womanizer Duo, $208

Womanizer Duo / Womanizer Duo

Nu Sensuelle Indii

The Nu Sensuelle Indii is shaped like a classic rabbit vibe, except it has grooves to increase internal stimulation, and it's one of the most powerful rabbit vibrators on the market. The Indii is a turbo-boosted version of the classic vibe—so if you desire even more intensity, this is the vibe to try.

Nu Sensuelle Indii, $134.99

Nu Sensuelle Indii / Nu Sensuelle Indii

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2

The Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 is one of the innovative dual stimulation toys on the market. Its unique look is both beautiful and enticing. The Ose 2 offers pulse air stimulation for the clitoris and an adjustable internal stimulator. And I mean, check this out—the product itself is sexy. 

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2, $240

Lora DiCarlo Ose 2 / Lora DiCarlo Ose 2


Take a look at what this baby looks like. Its super-unique design is unlike any other dual stimulation toy I've seen! The big round clitoral stimulator allows for stimulation on and around the entire clitoris—the vulva lips included! Plus, the internal stimulator can be adjusted to your desired length because of the snail vibe style. 

SnailVibe, $160

Touch Me Vibe

The Touch Me Vibe is a touch-activated toy that is discreetly quiet and mighty. It comes in a soft aqua color and has 10 powerful functions. This is another relatively affordable vibe that is very basic to use—perfect for sex toy beginners or experienced users alike.

Touch Me Vibe, $41

And there you have it, friends—the best rabbit vibrators to try this year in 2023.

An important thing to remember when trying pleasure devices: It's OK if your body doesn't respond to one. That doesn't mean there is anything wrong with your body. It just means your body is desiring something different! 

During your explorations, keep that in mind. This is all about you pleasuring you. Now, go have some fun!

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Rachel Wright, LMFT

Psychotherapist Rachel Wright, MA, LMFT, is recognized as one of the freshest voices on modern relationships, mental health, and sex. She is an experienced therapist, educator, coach, speaker, group facilitator, and on-camera mental health and relationship expert. With a master's degree in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology, Rachel has worked with thousands of humans worldwide, helping them scream less and screw more.

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