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9 Bedroom Hacks For A Better Night's Sleep

Photo by Stocksy
June 30, 2017

Isn’t it ironic that we go on (and on) about how much we love sleep, and yet never seem to get enough? Or maybe you’re one of those industrious individuals who wishes sleep wasn’t necessary to our health and well-being because you’d rather be doing literally anything else. Regardless of where you fall on the slumber spectrum, sleep affects your life. We all know it, and yet many of us—one in three, in fact1—aren’t getting enough. Whether it’s due to stress, the summer heat, or your cute-but-needy pup, it seems like there’s always something.

The bad news? It might be time to give your room a makeover. The good news? There’s quite a few simple upgrades you can make that’ll have a positive effect on your rest. Here’s exactly what you need to turn your bedroom into a sweet sleep cave.

1. Cooling memory-foam mattress

Photo: Casper

A pressure-relieving, memory-foam Casper mattress is actually designed to keep you cool. Fun fact: temperature is one of the most important factors to consider when falling (and staying) asleep. According to, the ideal temperature for sleep is 60 to 67 degrees. Instead of trapping heat like more-traditional memory-foam mattresses, Casper’s layered foam helps absorb and move heat away from the body, so you’re primed for sleep whenever you’re on it. And with a team of 30 engineers constantly researching and tweaking their products, Casper's mattresses are designed by humans, for humans, to give you the soundest rest possible.

2. Himalayan salt lamp

There isn’t much research confirming or denying the health benefits of salt lamps specifically, but exposure to salt has been known to help asthmatics and others with respiratory issues. Sure, a small lamp may be more decorative than therapeutic. But their pink glow is so pretty and zen-inducing, you’ll want one in your sweet sleep cave whether you have asthma or not.

3. Supportive pillows

Photo: Casper

Nothing is worse than tossing and turning due to a subpar pillow situation. You know the one: pancake-pillow syndrome. The stuffing is so old and packed down, it might as well be a flapjack. Having a pillow that supports your neck and head with a little give is important for your cervical spine, even if you prefer a flatter pillow. Thankfully, Casper has you covered there.

4. White-noise machine

One (or even two) of these machines can make all the difference in the world, especially when you live on a noisy street. They produce sound that’s part whirr, part hum, and part box fan that can be adjusted in pitch, tone, and volume. Pro tip: we’ve seen them in therapists' offices for their soothing effect—we even have a few in the mbg office for sound-absorption in our conference rooms.

5. Sheets that breathe

Photo: Casper

Temperature is one of the most important factors in falling asleep and staying asleep. Too often, especially in the summer, we’re overheated when we head to bed. If you want to supplement your new memory-foam mattress, consider Casper’s percale sheets. The sheets are made with super-soft Supima cotton—the most durable cotton you can find—in a percale weave, which makes the sheets ultra-breathable. Plus, Casper’s cotton is sourced directly from California. Go local! Stay cool.

6. Air filter

Did you know that indoor air2 can be more polluted than outdoor air? It’s true, but there’s a remedy. The Rabbit air filter is a tried-and-true winner and arguably the best in its category. It’ll keep the air in your room circulating, fresh, and free of toxins and allergens, making for a peaceful, restorative rest.

7. Plants on plants

Photo: Lukas Korynta

Plants help filter the air in your home and will lift the spirits of any room. Here’s a definitive list of indoor plants that do a stellar job of purifying the air. Bonus? No green thumb needed—these plants are survivors! Our favorites are pothos, philodendrons, and snake plant—which we have at mbg HQ!

8. A bed for your dog (or cat)

If Fido wakes you up before it’s time to get up, get him (or her!) a bed of his own. Seriously! Casper studied dog habits like “faux digging,” a love of chomping, and curling up in a ball before designing the dog bed, which might be why it’s a crowd favorite on their website. It’s great for pet owners, too, because it’s easy to wash. Plus, you and Fido will be twinning, and that’s simply priceless.

With these bedroom decor tips, sleeping will be infinitely more enjoyable (as if it wasn’t already). Happy snoozing!

Ready to upgrade your bedroom and optimize your sleep? Check out Casper’s suite of sleep products and use code ‘mbg’ for $50 off your mattress.

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
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