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4 Ways To Transform Your Relationship With Food (For A Healthier Body & Increased Longevity)

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In our busy world, it can be easy to slip into the mindset that eating is something to check off the to-do list three times a day. Amid meetings and notifications, we can forget that eating is a cause worth slowing down for. Because the reality is—eating isn't a chore. We have a long-term relationship with food. And like all relationships, we want it to be healthy.

In a healthy food relationship, we have a say over the food we're eating, not the other way around. It's natural and normal to give in to cravings while still making conscious and nutrient-centric choices that give our body what it needs to thrive. And that's where Reimagine™ Shape comes in. This herbal supplement, made with organic botanicals and hemp oil, helps us control our appetite and inspires better choices over what we want to eat.* 

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Managing our cravings.

We've all been there—sometimes there's no getting between us and a salty snack or sweet treat. Especially when we're undergoing external circumstances like stress. In fact, clinical research1 demonstrated the link between higher cortisol levels (the stress hormone) and snacking in response to daily struggles. Stress-snacking happens. And while it's nothing to get down on ourselves about, distinguishing our hunger from our emotions is also a steppingstone to transforming our relationship with food. So after reading these four tips, you'll be one step closer!

Seek support from botanicals.

Cravings can feel like a battle between our willpower and desire—but it doesn't have to be that way. The Reimagine™ Shape formula supports balanced appetite with organic herbs like white mulberry leaf, organic green tea leaf, organic rhodiola root, and hemp oil delivering THCV, a minor hemp phytocannabinoid.* We know THCV sounds like THC, but this cannabinoid doesn't have psychoactive effects. The hemp oil in this formula delivers this and other more famous phytocannabinoids (like hemp-derived CBD) to help promote satiation.* With a range of herbs, this formula helps tame cravings while supporting our metabolism.* We have a lifelong relationship with food; might as well get all the help we can get.

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Choose mindfulness over stress-snacking.

According to a survey by the American Psychological Association, nearly 40% of adults say they've snacked on junk food in response to stress within the past month. The stress is real, and we all do our best—but cravings may be a sign to find comfort in our favorite mindfulness activity. A brief meditation practice or even gentle yoga poses (paired with Reimagine™ Zen for calm vibes) can help reroute our mind toward our health goals versus stress-snacking.* Even more helpful, the newly discovered hemp phytocannabinoid THCV in Reimagine™ Shape supports brain connectivity.* Meaning, before you overeat, you may be more likely to think twice.*

Get enough of the right nutrients.

Sometimes cravings are coming from the mind out of boredom or stress. But sometimes they are our body's way of telling us what nutrients it needs! For example, a sugar craving may be our body's way of signaling for more fuel to stabilize a drop in our blood sugar levels. It's easier to work with cravings if we know that our body's needs are met at a nutritional level. If we aren't eating enough, or aren't eating a balanced diet, it's harder to harness our cravings and settle into a healthy relationship with food.

Learn your body's cues.

For as complex as our mind makes things, our body is an intelligent and self-sufficient machine. When it requires fuel, it sends a hunger cue. When it needs hydration, it raises the thirst flag. When it needs rest, we start yawning (and turn to the sleep support of Reimagine™ Slumber). Science defines cravings as "pathologically intense feelings of wanting2," and a healthy relationship with food means separating cravings from cues. And that's where Reimagine™ Shape comes in. With a formula years in the making, it helps improve connectivity between the gut and brain to help make those signals crystal clear.*

An ongoing relationship.

As in any relationship, the way we relate to food ebbs and flows and differs from person to person. But Reimagine™ Shape supports every stage of what is ultimately an ongoing journey. Because between diet culture, media, and the stress in our lives—transforming our relationship with food is no easy feat. It simply starts one craving at a time, one habit at a time, and is worlds easier when navigated from a place of self-love.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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