A Simple Ginger Gut Flush To Power Up Your Digestion, Every Day

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As a pioneer in the field of integrative medicine, Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary combines the best of Western medicine with time-tested Ayurvedic practices. This week, we're thrilled to share some of Dr. Chaudhary's favorite ancient techniques to reach optimal health. If you're inspired to learn more, check out her new course: How to Use Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom to Heal Your Gut & Achieve Long-Lasting Weight Loss.

You don’t have to take a week off from work or spend hours in the bathroom to detox your body. There are easy ways to remove impurities on a daily basis and prevent them from ever accumulating. In fact, small, healthy habits you use every day can be even more powerful over time than doing exaggerated cleanses for just a brief period.

I recommend trying to incorporate this easy, detoxing "ginger gut flush" into your routine for a month. It’s fast and simple and starts working immediately.

The gut flush is a combination of three key ingredients that work together to eliminate toxins. These ingredients increase the digestive fire, or agni, in your gut, which helps to break down toxins. This improves digestion, a critical starting point for improving your health. You can feel the increased heat in your gut within seconds of starting the gut flush.

All you need is fresh lemon juice, fresh ginger, and sea salt.

  1. Squeeze ½ cup of fresh lemon juice into a cup, jar, or pitcher.
  2. Cut up a knob of fresh ginger into thin 1-inch strips and add to the juice.
  3. Add ½ teaspoon of sea salt, then stir.

Keep the gut flush refrigerated, and eat one to two pieces of the soaked fresh ginger before each meal. You can make enough at the beginning of the week to last you seven days.

The best way to really detox your gut is to do this before each meal. But if you want to simplify it even more, just take it before dinner. Dinner is typically Americans' heaviest meal, but at night your digestion is actually the weakest.

Use the ginger gut flush to increase your digestive fire before meals, so you accumulate fewer toxins and burn off the ones that have accumulated.

And if you're interested in learning more about an Ayurvedic lifestyle, check out Kulreet's full course How to Use Ayurveda to Heal Your Gut & Achieve Long-Lasting Weight Loss.

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Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary is a neurologist, and the Director of Wellspring Health at Scripps Memorial Hospital and a pioneer in the field of Integrative Medicine. She received her Internship in Internal Medicine at UCLA and her Neurology Fellowship from UCSD. Her research includes groundbreaking work in stem cell therapies for diabetic peripheral neurophathy and drug development for the treatment of ALS. She is the co-founder of Habit Change, and she is committed to bringing national awareness to the need for a paradigm shift in medicine that focuses on patient empowerment and a health-based medical system.
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Dr. Kulreet Chaudhary

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