15 Ways To Bring More Joy Into Your Life Today

Written by Alison Dix

Taking time to feel joy is the best way to live a more inspired, happy life each day. I hope I can inspire you with a few ways to do that right now!

1. Lie down and think.

In a new spot, a new perspective or in the grass. Seeing life from a new point of view can give you new ideas, inspire you and make you shake off whatever is keeping you from feeling joy. Taking time to find a new spot shows you're ready for joy in your life.

2. Jump up and down.

Try to do it until you start laughing. Movement allows you to feel happy, and combined with laughter, joy is there for you to experience. Making time to be silly is another way to show life you're ready for joy.

3. Sing out.

Sing along to a song that inspires you. Music allows you to experience another person’s words about how to feel something; why not use that to feel joy? I also love singing, but I sound infinitely better when I'm singing along to someone else’s tune.

4. Go do something nice for someone.

Helping another human makes you realize you're amazing, and joy fills you for helping them.

5. Pick three things to dream about today.

Dreaming allows you to preview your future. Why not preview it positively?

6. Write someone a note.

A note sends your reader a quick word hug. Hugs are instant joy!

7. Make a card and send it!

Being creative and sharing that creativity makes you realize how amazing you are, filling your heart with joy.

8. Do a dance!

Movement shakes loose all the negativity built up in your body, and allows you to feel great again. Why not groove and feel joy?

9. Breathe deep, hold, then release.

The deeper you can breathe, the more stress and doubt you'll release. Both block joy, so by releasing them, joy flows into you.

10. Scrub a surface.

By clearing off the counter in your kitchen, or your table or your desk, you begin the process of releasing the clutter that blocks your joy. By then taking it to the cleaning level, you make a new slate for your life.

11. Look at flowers.

Whether it’s a vase or a field of blooms, flowers colors and details fill your mind with beauty and allow joy to bloom in you.

12. Give a darn.

Check in with someone to see how they're doing. By showing concern for another, you let go of the self-centered world you can get buried in, helping another person in the process. Their ease will be your joy.

13. Read a real book for 15 minutes or more.

Taking time to slow down, read and recharge allows joy to be a part of you.

14. Go to tea and renew a friendship.

It's so easy to let friendships slip through your fingers, but you can always reach out and pull them back into your life.

15. Sit by or walk along the water.

Water inspires and lightens us and allows us to breathe and feel calm through our whole bodies.

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