5 Ways To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person

5 Ways To Thrive As A Highly Sensitive Person Hero Image

If you're like me, being sensitive in a world that tells us not to be is challenging. This world works hard to cut you off from your sense of self, your intuition, your peace within and your confidence.

For starters, turn off the TV and any toxic media, so you can begin to get centered in your own energy and not be bombarded with the noise of the world. It's time to reconnect with yourself, honor your wisdom within, your personal truth, and to listen and take guided action so that you can energize your life, feel a beautiful flow, and spend more time creating a life you love.

I spent the last four years discovering the following five steps, and have experienced a radical change in my life. Start today and thrive on a whole new level.

1. Begin clearing toxic emotions.

Being highly sensitive doesn't have to mean being highly emotional. You can get to a place of balance, contentment and acceptance. That doesn't mean refusing to change things that aren't working; it means not being at the mercy of your emotions (and everyone else's). That's not living; it's being a victim.


Tip: In the moments you feel triggered, identify what might be underneath the surface of that feeling. This will probably be an event from the past. Create a daily spiritual practice to begin building your internal core strength, a loving space within yourself. Use meditation to release and clear emotion that might be trying to come to the surface to heal. Allow yourself to move through emotions to the other side, where truth and peace await you.

2. Pay attention to what drains you and what energizes you.

This is your body telling you what to say no to and what to say yes to, what's going to contribute to your growth and happiness and what's going to hold you back and keep you in struggle. Stay present with how you feel around people and situations, so that you can use your feelings, intuition and energy as navigational tools for making your best choices.

Tip: Learn how to say no. Let go of guilt, obligation and over-giving. Begin to identify which are your feelings and which are someone else's — own your feelings and let others own their feelings. You are not responsible for anyone's happiness but your own.

3. Become aware of relationship patterns.

Many of my clients and readers often choose relationships with partners who have narcissistic qualities, those who take advantage of them, or those who are emotionally unavailable. It's also possible that they grew up with friends or family members with these traits.

Though it's challenging, examining relationships isn't an opportunity to feel like a victim. It's important to be aware of your choices and take responsibility for them, so you can begin to shift them. Now is the time to courageously choose love, making the choices that best serve you and walk away from people and situations that no longer serve you. You have the key, so set yourself free.

Tip: Identify fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in painful patterns of people-pleasing, over-giving, putting yourself last, or feeling taken advantage of. You are worthy and deserving of love — own this. Use forgiveness to release yourself and others, so that you can begin to shift these behaviors from a place of loving yourself enough to respect yourself and make healthier choices.

4. Treat yourself the way you want others to treat you.

Relationships are a beautiful reflection of what's going on internally. When you feel good, you attract more love into your life. When you're being hard on yourself, you'll elicit harsh reactions from those on the outside. You're always creating experiences from your thoughts, energy, emotions and actions.

Tip: Increase your levels of self-care, eating clean whole foods that nourish your body, spending sacred alone time so you can center in your own energy, and become the compassionate observer to how your are talking to yourself.

5. Live in your purpose.

As you move through the first four steps listed here, you clear space for greatness and your service in the world. When you do more of what you love, you naturally align with your life's purpose. When you're living your purpose, you're doing what you came here to do and a feeling of peace and calm enters your life. Fuel your passions and see the ways in which your gifts and natural abilities add value to the world and serve others. This creates more happiness and abundance in our lives, and become self-actualized.

Tip: If you haven't discovered your life's purpose yet or you're unsure of what you're passionate about, spend some time tuning in through meditation and journaling, and ask yourself what you desire. What were you interested in as a child? What gets you fired up?

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