3 Signs That Angels Are Guiding You

Written by Melanie Beckler

Have you ever noticed the presence of angels in your life? Whether your answer to this question is yes or no, I assure you that you absolutely have angels who are guiding you, and always looking out for you from beyond the physical realm.

It is true that angels sometimes miraculously appear in physical form to offer assistance, however it is far more common for angels work from behind the scenes to help nudge you in the right direction. Their intention is to protect you from harm, align you with healing, and create opportunities for increased joy, love and growth.

If you have not yet started noticing the presence of angels in your life, don't worry. Not too long ago I too was completely oblivious to the presence of the angels around me.

You see, the energy of angels is so light and pure, and their vibration is so high, that to become aware of them, you first need to elevate your own energy and be open your subtle senses.

I am living proof that learning to see, hear and experience angels is totally possible.

Directly connecting with the guidance and presence of the angels is well worth the effort, but it does take effort in the form of practice and persistence. The good news is that just as you are right now, your angels have ways of guiding you and leaving signs and clues on your path to illustrate their presence.

Everyone receives angelic signs, but for many people, they are simply too busy or distracted to notice.

To start tuning into the signs and guidance from your angels, the first thing you need to do is start paying attention and be looking for them! Angel signs may come in response to asking your angels for help, asking for validation, or they may appear seemingly out of thin air as a way for your angels to show you that you're loved and supported.

Do you ever notice angel shapes in the clouds or in flowers, or maybe you keep finding coins and feathers on your path? Or maybe you've been noticing a certain recurring number that keeps appearing?

These are all common signs the angels use to communicate their presence, and there are many more. If you are paying attention, these are the top three signs that angels are among you right now:

1. Flashes of light

Angels are light beings, and so catching a glimpse of them most often occurs in the form of a shimmering light you see during meditation, in a dream, or out of the corner of your eye. Angels may also use light orbs, rainbows or shafts of light from above, as a way to catch your attention and to provide validation and reassurance that they are with you and you're on the right track.

2. An overwhelming feeling of love and peace

When angels wrap you in their wings of love it is the most incredible, peaceful, and comforting feeling. Are you struggling with a decision, but then a sudden sense of peace and calm washes over you when you weigh one of your options?

Do you ever invite your angels into your meditation and feel a warm tingling sensation throughout your entire body? If this happens to you … relax and enjoy, you are in the presence of angels!

3. A sense of universal knowing

Angels are divine messengers, so receiving angelic guidance is obviously one of the best ways you can be sure you are in true alignment with your dharma, or life purpose.

Have you ever had a big decision to make and then seemingly out of nowhere, you know exactly what to do next? Or maybe you've asked for healing and got a sudden rush of inspiration to make better choices to align you with a more holistic lifestyle.

But you might just have a true sense of knowing that your angels are with you, even if you're not entirely sure why or how you know. Tuning into the knowing of angelic guidance or presence is how you can be certain that you do indeed have angels with you.

Pay attention and thank your angels for the guidance, insight and signs they send your way. When you do start noticing even the slightest signals that your angels are with you, you will be well on your way toward receiving more detailed guidance, insight and help from angels in your life.

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