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Want To Start Meditating? Try This

You'll be a meditation expert in no time.

John Turner
August 28 2016

How To Squeeze In Meditation When You Have Absolutely No Time

These tips will have you living a stress-free life in no time.

Lynn Newman
August 21 2016

5 Ways To Steal A Moment Of Relaxation — Even When You Think You Have No Time

"Retreat time is right in front of your nose, and once you start experiencing the sheer relief of the space, stillness, and silence it brings, you're...

Cara Bradley
August 13 2016

How To Use Meditation To Transform Your Grief Into Wisdom

Whether you're dealing with a personal tragedy or an illness, meditation is a great tool for helping you cope.

Suzanne Heyn
August 12 2016

How I Treated Multiple Chronic Illnesses With Meditation

After years of stress, here's how I healed myself.

Anna Hanks
August 11 2016

Why Sober Flirting Is The Secret To Meeting Your Soul Mate + Having Better Sex

"When you flirt, you're doing two things: You're making a proposition for what you want and a case for why you deserve it."

Biet Simkin
August 11 2016

The No. 1 Reason Why The Plans We Make Don't Work

You might want to try THIS instead.

Emily Fletcher
August 10 2016

The Best 9 Things You Can Do When The Sh*t Hits The Fan, According To A Shaman

Yes, you really can turn the worst moments of your life into super-valuable experiences.

Rockstar Shaman Alyson Charles
August 9 2016

6 Steps To Uncovering Your True Spiritual Purpose: An Energy Healer Explains

Did you know that the questioning part of your brain is essential to finding spiritual clarity? It is. Here's how to make it work for you.

Eiman Al Zaabi
August 9 2016

Why Meditation Is More Powerful When Done In A Group

There's a big difference between the yoga and meditation crowds.

Myk Likhov
August 8 2016

Why You Should Be Meditating With Your Pet

You can officially stop writing "remember to meditate" on your calendar.

Jenn Sturiale
August 3 2016

Why This Professional Skydiver Does Yoga After Every Single Workout

Hey, sky diving is a serious business.

Leigh Weingus
August 1 2016

I Couldn't Decide If I Should Freeze My Eggs. Here's How Meditation Helped

Deciding whether or not I should freeze my eggs wasn't easy. Here's how I did it.

Carrie Severson
August 1 2016

5 Ways To Actually Get Yourself To Meditate Every Day

The words "mindfulness" and "meditation" are inescapable these days, with an endless amount of articles touting everything from...

Jessica Improta
July 28 2016

Not Into Early Workouts? This 10-Minute Morning Ritual Is All You Need

Remember, consistency beats intensity.

Maria Stenvinkel
July 28 2016

Why You Should Never, Ever Skip Savasana

Think savasana is a waste of time? Read this.

Leigh Weingus
July 27 2016

I'm Meditating Every Day For A Year: Here's Why

I'm on a mission to meditate for 365 days straight to bring more peace, mindfulness, and stillness into my life.

Lauren Rudick
July 24 2016

How Tantric Sex Helped Me Find My Life's True Purpose

"Tantra has changed my life. It's given me my life's purpose. It fills me with creative, spiritual, and sexual energy that makes me excited to wake up...

Psalm Isadora
July 22 2016