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How To Choose The Perfect Mala Beads For Your Personality

The variety of choices makes choosing the right mala an overwhelming task for a lot of spiritual seekers.

Natalia Pascual
July 19 2016

I'd Never Been Able To Meditate. Here's What Finally Worked For Me

Once you start pounding the pavement, you won't look back.

Leigh Weingus
July 18 2016

30 Signs You're Benefiting From Meditation, Even If It Feels Like You're Not

Here are the signs that you're benefiting from your meditation practice, even if it doesn't feel like it.

Light Watkins
July 17 2016

Meet The Visual Poet Hailed As "The Brené Brown Of Wonder"

Wonder is taking a moment to marvel at the stars or the way someone you love gazes at you with adoration. It's the part of us that wants to know our...

Will Jelbert
July 15 2016

Feeling Anxious? These 5 Simple Tricks Could Help

If you can't seem to get rid of your anxiety, try these five simple tactics.

Light Watkins
July 7 2016

Meditation Secrets We Learned From 5 Minutes With Desiree Pais

Read this before your next meditation session.

Leigh Weingus
July 6 2016

Why Thinking During Meditation Is Actually A Good Thing

When it comes to meditation, stop being so hard on yourself

Suzanne Heyn
July 4 2016

The Secret To Tapping Your Unlimited Inner Happiness

The idea that happiness comes from somewhere outside of us isn't just wrong—it's dangerous.

James Brown
July 4 2016

3 Ways To Build Emotional Strength Through Yoga + Really Deepen Your Practice

Yoga provides the playground to explore and gain mastery over our feelings.

Suzy Daren
June 30 2016

The Crystal Healing Treatment Insiders Are Flocking To

Crystals are having a full-blown moment on the wellness scene, and Kalisa Augustine's quartz-filled Upper East Side studio is right in the middle of...

Ashley Elizabeth Fodor
June 28 2016

Sneaky Places You Can Meditate On The Go

I once had a profoundly deep meditation while sitting in a Barnes & Noble in New York.

Light Watkins
June 26 2016

Yoga Festivals 101: How To Pack, Plan & Have The Time Of Your Life

It’s a natural impulse to want to “get your money’s worth," but it’s a rookie mistake to sign up for class after hard-core class.

Sara DiVello
June 25 2016

A 3-Minute Breathing Exercise To Beat Bloat & Stimulate Your Thyroid

Do this every morning to promote proper digestion and circulation.

Fern Olivia
June 25 2016

Why Taking Your Dog To Work Can Heighten Your Wellness Practice

Dogs touch our hearts in a way that sending emails and sitting in meetings will never do.

Tami Simon
June 24 2016

A Sense-Awakening Tantric Meditation To Intensify Pleasure

This sense-awakening meditation will amplify your sensuality and enhance any pleasurable experience.

Psalm Isadora
June 23 2016

The Key To Sexual Intimacy That Most People Overlook

When we are already sexually confident, already fulfilled, and already joyful, it becomes easy to find someone to roll with.

Biet Simkin
June 23 2016