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How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro

Technique is important, especially with natural products.

Lindsay Kellner
a day ago

The Truth About Blocked Pores & Clear Skin

You can't shrink them, but you can make them look smaller!

Lindsay Kellner
January 3

5 Nontoxic Lipsticks For Your New Year's Kiss

It's a great night to go bold.

Lindsay Kellner
December 29 2017

30 Best Natural Beauty Products Right Now

You'll want to bookmark this list.

Lindsay Kellner
November 6 2017

Breaking: These Are The Natural Beauty Trends You Need To Know This Year

We're thrilled that the beauty industry overall is moving in a more natural direction.

September 18 2017

Your Favorite Luxury Green Makeup Brand Is Now At Target!

The next time you stop by Target, make a detour to the beauty aisle—and be prepared for a beautiful surprise, because everyone's favorite luxury...

February 13 2017

The Best Natural Beauty Buys For Every Body Part Under $10

We've rounded up our favorite products that won't break the bank and are completely green! And did we mention—they're all under $10?

February 10 2017

6 Ways To Look Like You've Gotten Your Beauty Sleep (Even If You Haven't)

This combination of unique skincare tips and expert makeup instruction will make dull, tired skin look well-rested and radiant.

December 14 2016

The Magic Skin Care Formulas That Make Miracles Happen

Primers — aka radiance-boosting skin perfecters — give you a subtle, allover luster. Use a highlighter to brighten up inner corners of your eyes....

Lindsay Cohn
September 10 2016

5 Ways To Achieve A Radiant Look (Spoiler Alert: You're Probably Doing It Wrong)

Say goodbye to cakey foundation and spidery mascara! W3LL PEOPLE co-founder Shirley Pinkson shares her secret application tricks, top green beauty...

August 3 2016