Shelly Bullard

Shelly Bullard, MFT is a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Love & Relationship Expert. In her personal experience, she transformed patterns of over-giving and feeling burnt-out by love, to becoming incredibly empowered, full, cherished and adored when it comes to men and romantic love. She now guides women on a similar path -- helping them connect to a deep sense of love, beauty, and magnificence within, so they can create the relationships they've always wanted in their lives.

Her eCourse: Awaken the Muse: How to Be Completely Confident, Feminine, Empowered & Irresistible in Relationships with Men, will launch in 2014. She offers a FREE eBook: How to Be the Most Attractive, Irresistible Version of Yourself, and works with a limited number of coaching clients per month. If you'd like to work with Shelly to transform your experience in love, visit her here.

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