Victoria Malloy

mbg Contributor

Victoria Malloy is a Toronto-based freelance writer covering a range of topics with a focus on sustainability. Her work has appeared on Coveteur, The Zoe Report, Well Good, Apartment Therapy, Natural Habitat and more.

It was early on in her marketing and communications career that Victoria discovered her passion for writing and storytelling, and a desire to dig into and explore the topics that matter to her. Previously she spent over a decade in the movie business in a publicity role at a prominent movie studio. She has been a long-time advocate of clean, non-toxic beauty, and has previously lent her marketing expertise to consulting work for beauty brands from across the globe.

When she’s not investigating wellness trends, debunking beauty myths, or uncovering the latest earth-friendly products, she can be found buried in a good book, watching the latest documentary, or traveling the globe with her camera in tow. You can find her on social @victoria_malloy.

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