Tara Swart, M.D., Ph.D.

Neuroscientist & bestselling author

Dr. Tara Swart Bieber is a neuroscientist, former medical doctor, and author of the bestseller The Source, which merges science and spirituality, and has translations in 38 languages. She specializes in mental resilience, manifestation, and personal evolution. She is Faculty at MIT Sloan, and hosts a podcast called Re-invent Yourself with Dr. Tara with stories of people who have used neuroplasticity (the ability for your brain to grow and change throughout life) to transform themselves.

Tara believes that you can re-invent yourself at any age, any stage, or any mindset. )She recently manifested becoming a songwriter!) Tara is also a Trustee for the Lady Garden Foundation, a charity for gynaecological cancers.

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