Sarah Silverman PsyD

Sleep medicine specialist

Dr. Sarah Silverman is a Stanford-trained behavioral sleep medicine specialist, insomnia expert, and wellness consultant who’s passionate about sleep health and holistic wellness. She’s the founder and CEO of Sleep & Shine, a boutique sleep telehealth practice offering personalized and holistic sleep services to Florida and New York residents. Notably, she’s an expert in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for insomnia (CBT-I), the first-line, drug-free treatment for adults with chronic insomnia.

Dr. Sarah is also the founder and CEO of ZzzHaus (“Sleep House”), a results-driven sleep health consulting agency, which provides concierge holistic wellness coaching and consulting services. As a company focused on women’s sleep and circadian health optimization, ZzzHaus uses cutting-edge circadian science and evidence-based protocols to maximize performance.

Dr. Sarah believes that every human deserves quality sleep and is on a mission to make science-backed sleep support more accessible to all. In her signature online holistic sleep improvement course called The Holistic Sleep Academy™️, she walks her students through a step-by-step roadmap to achieving quality sleep without medication. Follow along @drsarahsleep on socials.

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