Randi Stanulis, PhD


Randi Stanulis (she/hers) is as a professor at Michigan State University, working for 18 years in the College of Education and now in the medical school. She has directed many curricular programs and research projects and served in various administrative leadership roles.

Most recently, her almost 7-years as a unit chair brought her insomnia to its peak, but her sleepless nights began while working toward tenure with two babies. Through her sons’ upbringing she tried to balance it all—a demanding career, attending all sporting and musical events of her children, and trying to be there for the needs of her family, students, and colleagues. As an accomplished scholar and educator, the greatest pride she takes is in the happiness and accomplishments of her two sons, now grown. Insomnia was a natural part of life, and only recently has she learned what is possible with a good night’s sleep!