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Is Your Yoga Working For You?

Yoga doesn't have to be a rigid "because-my-guru-said-so" kind of thing. Yoga can be the experience of you, that gives exactly what you need, in each...

Michael Taylor
August 20 2013

Why You Shouldn't Always Trust Experts With Your Health

You are the world's leading expert on you. If you believe this, you're in the driver's seat. Your life, your health, your everything, is yours to...

Michael Taylor
August 1 2013

Why William Broad Is Right About People Getting Injured In Yoga & How We Can Prove Him Wrong

William Broad is a senior science writer at The New York Times, and gained some attention when he wrote that yoga can wreck our bodies.

Michael Taylor
February 27 2013

How Athletes Can Win with Yoga

Yoga is great cross-training for our whole life: it gives us exactly what we practice, across everything we do.

Michael Taylor
November 28 2012

You Are Real, Beautiful, and Perfect

We can do this, and every single one of us is worth it.

Michael Taylor
August 7 2012

Treating the Pose & Not the Person?

Our traditional medicine is great for infections and broken bones. It's not working for most things that are bringing people pain and suffering today,...

Michael Taylor
July 2 2012

Kumare, False Gurus, and the Power of You

In creating a life you love - a you that you love - you don't think so much about whether you can see over that next wall.

Michael Taylor
June 28 2012

What Is Advanced Yoga & How Do I Do It?

What is it and what it isn't.

Michael Taylor
April 13 2012

3 Reasons Why Guys Need Yoga

For too long, women have tried to keep us guys out of their yoga classes. They've told us it's nothing but a little stretching. It will force us to...

Michael Taylor
April 10 2012

Advanced Yoga in 3 Simple Moves

Poses are useful, adventurous, and fun for all kinds of reasons, but they aren't the main feature.

Michael Taylor
February 28 2012

Top 3 Yoga Secrets for Guys

A teacher of mine once told me: 'Using great force, you may defeat one enemy. Using little, you may defeat all enemies.'

Michael Taylor
January 24 2012

You're Good and I'm Good, Unless I'm Obese?

It's not up to anyone else to tell me that I'm too big or too small.

Michael Taylor
January 17 2012

Caution! Yoga Can Injure My Body, Mind & Spirit?

Injuries aren't part of yoga. Injuries are part of "not yoga." Yoga, just like life, is ours to create. It's ours to create yoga that's struggling,...

Michael Taylor
January 7 2012

Breaking the Rules: 11 Thoughts That Make Yoga Your Own

Reflecting on what I've learned through Tara and Tao Porchon-Lynch (and her uniquely useful perspective on changes in yoga over the last 30 years),...

Michael Taylor
October 5 2011