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Michael Taylor

Have A Big Goal? This Is The Most Important Thing To Remember

For anyone who's struggling to achieve that big dream.

Michael Taylor
February 13 2017

4 Simple Steps To Get Great Posture (Video)

Our posture both reflects and creates how we feel and how we live, so obviously good posture is so important! When it's not so good, we often feel...

Michael Taylor
August 9 2014

Why Trying To Burn Calories Is A Waste Of Your Time

Want to change your life? Want to get healthy, lose or gain weight if you need it, and feel good and happy all over? Change how you exercise.

Michael Taylor
July 17 2014

A Simple Stretch You Can Do Anytime, Anywhere (Video)

We know that food is our medicine. But movement is also our medicine. We have tremendous power to create health and cure disease through how we move...

Michael Taylor
June 22 2014

6 Secrets To Make Every Workout A Little Bit Easier

Want to run faster, get more endurance on the bike, and scamper up mountains with no problem? Here are six guidelines that will make it all easier...

Michael Taylor
June 5 2014

8 Tips To Get More Flexible, Even When You Think You Can't (Video)

Want to do hard things without a struggle? Look to these tips to learn to move easy.

Michael Taylor
May 28 2014

How To Get Truly Strong (Without Setting Foot In A Gym)

We all know about transactional relationships, whether we've called them by that name or not. They're relationships in which the object, or the joy,...

Michael Taylor
September 10 2013

10 "Healthy" Behaviors That Are Dragging You Down

When we do everything we're told to get healthy and it just doesn't work, what do we do next? We eat what we're told to eat, avoid what we're told to...

Michael Taylor
August 28 2013

Caution! Yoga Can Injure My Body, Mind & Spirit?

Injuries aren't part of yoga. Injuries are part of "not yoga." Yoga, just like life, is ours to create. It's ours to create yoga that's struggling,...

Michael Taylor
January 7 2012

Breaking the Rules: 11 Thoughts That Make Yoga Your Own

Reflecting on what I've learned through Tara and Tao Porchon-Lynch (and her uniquely useful perspective on changes in yoga over the last 30 years),...

Michael Taylor
October 5 2011

What Makes Yoga "Yoga"

Solve this riddle.

Michael Taylor
January 25 2011

2010 Gift Guide: Michael Taylor

What Taylor wants to give and receive this holiday season.

Michael Taylor
December 9 2010

Reclining Single Leg Twist: How-to, Tips, Benefits

A demonstration of the reclining single leg twist.

Michael Taylor
October 2 2010

Reclining Knee to Chest Pose: How-to, Tips, Benefits

A demonstration of the reclining knee to chest pose.

Michael Taylor
September 23 2010

Reclining Half Ankle to Knee Pose: How-to, Tips, Benefits

A demonstration of reclining half ankle to knee pose.

Michael Taylor
September 19 2010