Melissa Wood

Health & Fitness Coach

Melissa Wood-Tepperberg is a mom, certified health and wellness coach, meditator, yoga teacher, and thriving on a plant-based diet. Melissa's three pillars of focus are meditation, mindful eating, and movement. Melissa Wood Health is a platform for sharing all of the wellness tips that she swears by—food, fitness, beauty, fashion, and overall lifestyle—to help achieve your best self.

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What is your wellness philosophy?

I believe when you're easy on your mind, your body will follow. Creating a committed practice of mediation and mindful eating (eating more plants) combined with slow controlled movements (that don't create stress on the body), will give you results beyond your wildest dreams. In this "no pain no gain, high protein, zero carb, high intensity" world we live in, by following my own intuitive path, I've learned that living completely opposite from this approach is what has lead me to feeling my absolute best.

What brought you into wellness?

Being at the worst place with myself mentally, physically and spiritually. I suffered from cystic acne, an awful eating disorder and allowing limited beliefs to take over my mind for many years until I slowly started to heal myself. Through the process of healing and helping others through my healing, I came to realize this was my true calling.

What does You. We. All. mean to you?

It means it's no longer about just me or you, it's about each and every one of us. Through connection and community we can achieve anything, that's the heart and soul of building and creating. When we come together and empower each other, we're so much stronger.

What empowers you?

Seeing the positive impact that I've made on other peoples lives and being able to connect with them through social media has impacted me in a way that I didn't know was possible.