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12 Days Of Vegan Cookies

Holiday cookies for your favorite vegan (and everyone else!)

Leah Vanderveldt
December 12 2015

Gift Guide: 17 Cookbooks To Give To Your Favorite Food Lover

Books for all the cooks (and aspiring cooks) on your shopping list this season.

Leah Vanderveldt
December 10 2015

7 Butternut Squash Recipes To Make This Week

We're showcasing a fall favorite: butternut squash.

Leah Vanderveldt
December 7 2015

11 One-Pot Meals To Make This Week (They'll Solve All Your Dinner Problems)

One-pan meals solve almost every weeknight dinner problem. They're simple to prep, easy to cook, and require minimal clean up — what's not to love?

Leah Vanderveldt
November 23 2015

Eat Healthy All Week With These 15-Minute Meals!

The most affordable way to eat heathy is to cook for yourself. In an ideal world, cooking for yourself would be effortless and simple — but that's not...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 21 2015

15-Minute Meal: Spicy Buckwheat Noodle Bowl

Quick, tasty, and comforting, this bowl is exactly what I want at the end of a long day.

Leah Vanderveldt
November 17 2015

15 Healthy (And Ridiculously Tasty) Sweet Potato Recipes

Sweet potatoes are a favorite of mine year-round, but they seem especially appropriate in fall.

Leah Vanderveldt
November 15 2015

Roasted Fall Vegetable Bowl With Spicy Peanut Sauce

This bowl has been my favorite lunch for the past week. It's super-easy when I take time to roast some vegetables on a Sunday, especially when I pick...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 7 2015

Cook Once, Eat Healthy All Week: Here's How To ACTUALLY Do It (For Under $35)

I'm all about making my weeknight meals healthy, delicious and quick. While I love a 15-minute meal, some of my favorite vegetables (like winter...

Leah Vanderveldt
November 1 2015

12 Healthy Food Bargains You Can Find At Trader Joe's (Each One's Less Than $6!)

Despite the crazy-long New York City lines, Trader Joe's is one of my favorite places to grocery shop. From the basics to their seasonal specialty...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 22 2015

F*ck Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Here Are 11 Recipes That Will Make You Dream Of Pumpkins

I encourage you to think outside of the canned pumpkin puree; take the risk and cut up your own real, whole pumpkin or winter squash. It's worth it, I...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 19 2015

Want To Eat Clean? Here's The Only Shopping List You'll Ever Need

Grocery shopping is an inevitable part of a good wellness routine — if you want to eat well, you have to be prepared. I find it helpful to have a list...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 16 2015

Can You Freeze It? A Mini Guide To Vegetables (Infographic)

We talk here a lot about buying vegetables that are in season — for better taste and lower cost. And while canning is a great way to taste summer's...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 16 2015

Up Your Salad Game With This Genius Topping

It's fall! Which means it's time for Brussels sprouts, hearty greens, and squash. This time of year, I love warm roasted vegetable salads brought...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 14 2015

15-Minute Vegetable-Packed Chili To Cure The Monday Blues

My perfect weeknight meal is packed with vegetables and whole foods, fills me up, and tastes delicious. And ideally it doesn't cut into my precious...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 12 2015

A 15-Minute (One Pan!) Vegan Meal To Make Tonight: Chickpea Masala

I love food — eating it, cooking it, and writing about it are kind of my jam. But by the time I get home from work in the evening, the last thing I...

Leah Vanderveldt
October 1 2015

11 Smoothie Bowls To Take Your Breakfast Up A Notch

The concept of a smoothie bowl is a simple one. (Hint: It's exactly what it sounds like.)

Leah Vanderveldt
September 30 2015

I Tested 7 Natural Ways To Fall Asleep. Here's What ACTUALLY Worked

For most of my life, I've had a hard time falling asleep. My mind seems to light up with random thoughts, worries, and stresses as soon as my head...

Leah Vanderveldt
September 29 2015