Lauren Tanabe, Ph.D.

Doctor Of Pharmacology

Lauren Tanabe, Ph.D. is a freelance writer living and working in Detroit and a native of NYC. She received her doctorate in Pharmacology & Molecular Signaling from Columbia University and her BA in Biological Sciences from the University of Chicago. She has received prestigious fellowships from the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation and the American Cancer Society. She spent many years at the bench attempting to unravel the mysteries lurking inside of cells. Although a scientist by training, she is a storyteller by nature. She writes on a wide range of topics including leaving academia for more fulfilling pursuits, motherhood, and mental health. Her writing has appeared in The Washington Post, BioCompare, and Model D.

When she is not being schooled by her five-year-old in the wonder and awe of the universe or being kept awake by her one-year-old, you can find her in comfy mom jeans daydreaming and writing in coffee shops around the city.