Jessica Moy, DPT

Physical Therapist & Registered Yoga Teacher

Jessica Moy, DPT, is a physical therapist turned mind-body wellness coach and yoga instructor. After graduating from the University of Maryland with her Doctorate in physical therapy, she found there was a missing component to the physical healing her clients were looking for. As a prior athlete herself, her experiences with rehabilitation also left out the emotional and mental demand that came with it. From there she developed her holistic approach to well-being through certifications in yoga (E-RYT) and mind-body therapy based in somatic and experiential teachings with eastern philosophy weaved throughout.

Now Jessica helps people reverse engineer the process of accessing fuller living by tapping back into their bodies to better understand their own emotional, mental, and spiritual health. Her hope is to revolutionize the perspective of well-being by helping people discover how the body can tell us so much more than just its physical state. Jessica continues to share her knowledge and virtual services on her website and through Instagram @drjessmoy_wellness and Facebook @drjessmoywellness.

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