Emily Skye

Celebrity Fitness Instructor

Fitness inspiration Emily Skye designed and launched her first health and fitness program in 2014, which has now grown into the global Emily Skye FIT program. But before helping millions of people around the world transform their mind and body, she had to transform herself: from skinny and insecure model, to strong, toned and confident role model. After falling in love with strength training, Emily entered fitness competitions, placing 1st in WNBF Miss USA Figure NSW 2011, WNBF Miss USA Fit Body NSW 2011 and WNBF Best Body Swimsuit Sydney 2012, and 2nd in WNBF Miss USA Figure Sydney 2012 and INBA Fitness Model Sydney 2012. Emily is a qualified personal trainer, with a Certificate IV in Fitness and Master Trainer qualification from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

Emily has found success through her effective fitness and workout plans, but also by being authentic and transparent about her past struggles with body image pre/post-baby, eating disorders, mental health and how exercise and healthy living have transformed her life in a positive way that she now shares with others so they are able to have their own transformations.

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