Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D.

Microbiome Researcher

Mahmoud Ghannoum, Ph.D. is widely considered the leading microbiome researcher in the world. With a master's in medicinal chemistry and a doctorate in microbial physiology, both from Loughborough University, Ghannoum lectures at many institutions on the microbiome and his breakthrough research in the probiotic space. He is the scientist who named the mycobiome, and is the co-founder of BIOHM, the first company to engineer products and tests to address the total microbiome of both bacteria and fungi, allowing consumers to maintain total digestive health. He is based in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Ghannoum is responsible for making the breakthrough discovery that bad bacteria and bad fungus work together to create digestive plaque (a discovery covered globally by outlets such as CBS News, Scientific American, Forbes and USA Today). During his career, he has published several books on fungus and over 400 peer-reviewed scientific papers. His work has been cited almost 18,000 times by other scientists, and he’s received over $25 million in funding for his research from the National Institutes of Health.

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