Doug Bopst

Personal trainer

Doug Bopst is an award-winning personal trainer, author, speaker and podcast host. His credentials and accolades are a result of his own transformation. He is a former felon and drug addict, sentenced to months in jail due to being found guilty of “possession with intent to sell.” Bopst chose to use his time locked in that small cell to beat his demons and reinvent himself thanks to a combination of faith, family, and fitness.

The three books he has written are a reflection of his personal story: From Felony to Fitness to Free, Faith Family Fitness and his newest book, The Heart of Recovery, where he interviewed roughly 50 of the most inspiring individuals who have beat addiction from of all walks of life with hopes of helping others get into recovery. Bopst is also the host of the Adversity Advantage Podcast, where he interviews people from all walks of life on how they have turned their trials into triumphs and the exact tips, methods, and tactics they used.

He has been featured on national media outlets and podcasts such as the Today Show, Men's Health, Forbes, Goalcast, Cheddar, Rich Roll’s podcast, Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Mind Pump, Rise Together with Dave Hollis, The Darin Olien Show and more.

"From Felony to Fitness to Free" a short documentary about his story premiered at The Reel Recovery Film Festival in Los Angeles and New York City in 2018. He has spoken to and worked with many companies, organizations, and schools including McCormick and the Clemson football team.

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