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Why Kirtan Rocks

Kirtan comes from the yoga path of Bhakti (love and devotion). It is the chanting of traditional Sanskrit mantras synergized with dynamic melodies. It...

Travis Eliot
September 27 2012

3 Reasons to Embrace the Power of Song

I initially began yoga with one single aim: to get fit. Yet, the more I practiced at my local gym, the more I realized that yoga is more than simply...

Sarah Coxon
August 31 2012

6 Ways Music Can Heal You

I love music enough to incorporate sound healing into my practice, and I see the joy it brings people every day. But, here are some things you may not...

Louise Jensen
August 11 2012

The Healing Power of Music

While I was in my yoga teacher training course at the Sivananda Ashram, we discovered the power of music firsthand. This music was simple – chords...

Kristen Hedges
July 30 2012

15 of the Most Inspirational Yoga Songs Ever!

I don’t know what my world would be without music. Music has served as my self-soothing device, my release and often times my reality check through...

Karen Sherwood
July 17 2012

Yoga Teaching: Where Beastie Boys, Blogs & Bartenders Collide

Since graduating from my first yoga teacher training a little over a year ago, I’ve learned that yoga teachers must acquire an amalgam of skills,...

Elizabeth Rowan
June 7 2012

Why We Should All Remain Yoga Beginners

I am often asked what it takes to be a yoga teacher. What is sufficient training and how do you know when you are ready to teach. These are the right...

Heather Morton
June 1 2012

How Yoga Helps Us Exceed Our Limitations

Recently I received an honest query about backbending from a male practitioner and teacher of yoga. I love receiving this kind of note because it is...

Heather Morton
May 25 2012

What I Learned From Playing Yoga with My Son

I sneak in a few yoga poses during my day, in-between tending to my kids and their needs, practically forcing my mind to let go of the chatter and...

Katia Grodecki, MEd
May 17 2012

5 Mother's Day Gift Ideas for Yogis

Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to treat the yogi in your life that is also a mom. Whether she is a friend or your own mother, finding a little...

Nancy Alder
May 10 2012

How to Create Your Own 30-Minute Yoga Practice

Lately, my yoga practice looks very different from what it used to be. I’m lucky to get 30 minutes for myself, and in that time, I need to stop to ask...

Katia Grodecki, MEd
April 19 2012

How to Create a (Yoga) Playlist

Music is powerful! We have soundtracks for our life, our exercise, even our relationships. Music can make or break your yoga session too. As a yoga...

Jenniferlyn Chiemingo
March 31 2012

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Yoga Playlist

As a musician and a DJ I am particularly mindful of the music played in a yoga class. If done well, music can be a vehicle for achieving an inspiring...

Angelica Olstad
March 15 2012

Acroyoga Playtime at the Embarcadero

"Jack, it feels like I'm flying."

February 25 2012

Music & Yoga: A Perfect Pairing

I LOVE music. And, if you've read anything else that I've written, or know me at all, you know that I also LOVE yoga. Although sometimes it is...

Cat O'Connor
February 9 2012

My Miami Beach Playlist: Kino MacGregor

Miami Beach is home to multi-dimensional skies that seem to burn all sorts of hues into your consciousness. There is something magical about catching...

Kino MacGregor
July 1 2011

"Surfing Consciousness" Yoga Playlist: Ashley Turner

My intention when teaching is to take students on a deep, inner journey. I like to choose music that helps facilitate an inner exploration and attune...

Ashley Turner
June 24 2011