Can a vacation that includes exercise really be that great? Um, YES. Here's how.

Prepare to add a few lines to your bucket list.

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The summer months can derail our routines a bit, and rightly so.

A long summer trip is as typical to the French as croissants and café au lait in the morning.

Putting in a little preparation before your big trip will ensure you stay healthy, enjoy your holiday, and feel great when you return.

From the founder of a global suite of wellness retreats.

12-Minute Athlete Krista Stryker shares an outdoor HIIT workout, just in time for summer!

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The unknown. Those mere words inspire feelings of awe, trepidation, and even danger. To venture into the unknown is to risk — well, who knows…

We always hear that less is more — but that couldn't possibly apply to vacation days. There's no such thing as relaxing too much, right?

You've made it to hump day. You deserve a mid-week breather. How 'bout a virtual vacation?