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No-Bake, Guilt-Free Chocolate Superpower Cookies

Food sensitivities are on the rise and many of us suffer from reactions to six common foods: gluten, soy, dairy, corn, egg and peanut, often without...

Debra K
April 17 2014

Everything You Need To Know About Stevia

South Americans have been using stevia for centuries. Native to tropical climates, stevia has also been included in diets in Paraguay, Brazil, Korea...

Caitlin Sammons
June 10 2013

The 5 Best Natural Substitutes For Sugar

Sugar is best kept to a minimum in your diet in order to decrease your risk for diabetes, heart disease, and to help you lose weight or prevent weight...

Goat Cheese Creamed Dandelion Greens With Nectarines

Dandelion greens — yes, that very same pesky weed that messes up your perfectly manicured lawn — are detoxification powerhouses that explode with a...

Abra Pappa
May 11 2013

5 Weight Loss Myths

So many confusing health messages are making us fatter and sicker! My weight shifted when I learned the truth about how my metabolism works.

Jessica Sepel
October 18 2012