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A Decadent Chocolate-Avocado Maca Mousse

Beyond tasting absolutely luscious, this pudding is a masterpiece of beautifying superfoods and balancing adaptogens.

Lianna Sugarman
March 4 2016

5-Ingredient Healthy Brownie Bars

These nutritious raw brownie bars are so gooey and rich — they're the perfect snack for a sweet tooth

Rima Bazzi
January 13 2016

Fully Raw Kristina's Ridiculously Good Kale Salad

The key to this kale salad is the dressing, which is loaded with goodness from cilantro and sesame seeds.

Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram
January 8 2016

3 Super Easy & Deliciously Decadent Desserts

I love raw desserts, as they take five minutes (or less!) to make and really kick those sweet cravings out of the park. They're great for the kiddies...

Heather Cox
December 13 2015

5 Raw Food Breakfasts You Might Not Have Thought Of

Whether you're interested in eating more raw foods, losing weight, increasing your energy, or just feeling better all around, a healthy raw breakfast...

Erin Volentine
December 9 2015

Raw Creamy Zucchini Hummus

For those of you who are hummus junkies but sometimes find the chickpea part of hummus a little heavy or tough on the tummy — this one’s for you. It’s...

Meghan Telpner
October 9 2015

Unbelievably Healthy & Creamy Raw Chocolate Smoothie Bowl

What I love about my lifestyle is that I treat myself to healthy and very delicious meals and I never have to feel guilty about it. That’s the way it...

Rima Bazzi
September 24 2015

Super Simple Raw Pecan Brownies (Yesss!)

My husband, Cody, loves treats. To him, a baked good or an ice cream is more than sweet flavors. They embody the joy of food — a rush of excitement...

Natalie Gantz
September 11 2015

An Easy Ginger Tahini Sauce (To Put On Just About Everything!)

This simple sauce comes together quickly with little effort. It's great on everything from soda noodles, quinoa, rice, salads, roasted vegetables, or...

Emilie McBride
August 28 2015

10-Minute Lunch Recipe: Pistachio Tabbouleh

This Middle Eastern dish is traditionally made with bulgur wheat, but we’ve replaced it with buckwheat, which has a very similar texture and taste,...

Lily Simpson
August 24 2015

A Raw Vegan Chocolate Tart Recipe That Will Rock Your World

Who doesn't love biting into a decadent chocolate tart and finding out that it's vegan and raw?

Emilie McBride
August 24 2015

Make This Tonight: A Raw Vegan Caesar Salad That Won't Disappoint

Crisp Romaine leaves and the salty tang of a good Caesar dressing are perfect for a summer meal. Unfortunately, a standard Caesar dressing isn't very...

Emilie McBride
August 20 2015

The Easiest, Healthiest Lunch Ever: Spiralized Veggie Hummus Wraps

Stuck in a lunch time rut? Need an easy pre-workout snack? I’m about to solve all of that with a super simple, healthy, delicious recipe.

Abigail Hopkins, R.N.
July 23 2015

Cool Down With These Raw Meals (That Aren’t Salad!)

There's no better time than summer to skip the stove in favor of raw foods.

Leah Vanderveldt
June 27 2015

No-Bake Vegan Key Lime Pie

If there’s one dessert I’m known for, it’s this raw pie — I make it for every special occasion (and many not-so-special ones, too).

Shari Leidich
June 24 2015