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The Secret To Finding "The One"

We're all on a mission to find "The One." That perfect partner who makes us feel enlightened, happy and whole from the inside-out.

Shelly Bullard, MFT
October 16 2014

9 Things To Stop Overanalyzing If You Want To Be Happy

The more time we spend worrying about situations, the less room we have to focus on what is working.

Shannon Kaiser
October 1 2014

10 Questions Everyone Needs To Ask To Have A Great Relationship

Most of us have heard about the basic checklist for romantic compatibility and connection; factors such as religion, sex, family and money. These...

Allison Cohen, LMFT
April 18 2014

5 Questions To Ask The Next Time You Doubt Yourself

Self-doubt occurs when we focus on what’s missing in us and on everything that’s going wrong in our lives, regardless of all the blessings and gifts...

Cynthia Belmer
January 27 2014

What Do Meditation And Sex Have In Common?

Orgasms are a result of sensory stimulation that culminates in climactic bliss. It isn't difficult to comprehend why many yearn for such a blissful,...

Rajeev Kurapati, M.D.
August 22 2013

The One Thing All Relationships Need To Succeed

What is a foundation? It's the ground on which we build. Obviously if we want to build something that can weather a storm, it's best to start with a...

Shelly Bullard, MFT
June 26 2013

How My Ego Got Me Hurt On The Yoga Mat

I muscled my way into an arm balance that usually I float into with ease. And I felt my neck revolt in silent dissension.

Amber Shumake
March 26 2013