Cranky, jittery, and needing some caffeine? Here's exactly what to do.

Finding your happy weight—and staying there—is harder than we'd like to admit.

Move over, kombucha; drinking vinegars are the next best thing for your gut, your immunity, and your energy.

Discover the source of your cravings, then get rid of 'em for good.

#2. You could be misinterpreting your cravings.

Next time a craving hits, pause, breathe, and ask yourself: Is your body craving nutrients, or are the leftovers from your breakfast meeting simply staring…

Once I shifted the focus to what I could *add* to my diet — not what was taken away — my sweet tooth was much…

Don't fear your cravings—listen to them.

The answer could be more carbs. Seriously.

Curbing your sugar cravings doesn't have to be a self-depriving experience.

Cravings always carry important messages.

You already know sugar is bad for you. But did you also know it's one of the most pro-inflammatory foods? Here's why you should cut…

Your experiences with hunger are unique to you, but you may notice that some of your appetites are related to one of seven hungers.