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Try This MD's Favorite Snack For When You Need A Sweet Pick-Me-Up

macadamia nuts
Image by mbg Creative x Solstizia x Boonchuay1970 / iStock
September 14, 2020

To strike the perfect balance between healthy and oh-so-satisfying, the best snacks tend to meet three important criteria: First, they need to give you sustainable energy (read: Avoid the blood sugar roller coaster). More often than not, they also fulfill a midday craving—be it a longing for something sweet or salty. Finally, they're usually texturally appealing—for instance, a good, crunchy snack offers an extra-sensory signal that satisfies your brain.

Here's a doctor-approved bite that checks all three boxes: "I love my macadamia nuts," functional medicine doctor Frank Lipman, M.D., shares on the mindbodygreen podcast. "I have them in the freezer." What makes these nuts so special (and why in the world does temperature matter)? Allow us to explain.  

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Why macadamia nuts?

"They're a great snack," Lipman continues. "They're full of fat." Specifically, macadamia nuts contain quite a lot of monounsaturated fats—these have been shown to improve cardiovascular health1, as well as reduce oxidative stress, inflammation, and even signs of aging2. And in case you need more proof of their impressive nutrient profile, they also contain vitamin A, iron, niacin, and folates. In terms of taste, the flavor is nutty yet unique: It lends a buttery, sweet flavor that's reminiscent of an indulgent treat. 

As for chucking them in the freezer? The slight chill makes them even crunchier and more satisfying to munch on. According to Lipman, they're the perfect little bite-size treats: Think of it as a midday snack that'll keep you full (no 3 p.m. slump, here) and satisfy a sweet tooth without opting for a full-on dessert. And because they're so nutritionally satisfying, you might not even need a whole handful to feel satiated: "When I want a snack, I just take a couple," Lipman adds. 

The takeaway. 

Doctor-approved snacks don't have to be too complicated. In fact, they're usually less so: In Lipman's case, his favorite healthy, sweet snack takes only seconds to prepare. If you've got a thing for macadamia nuts (or are intrigued by their buttery, indulgent flavor), try storing them in the freezer for a chilled treat—according to Lipman, it won't disappoint. 

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