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Why I'm Gifting A Cannabis Pen To My Friends This Year

Photo by Beatrix Boros / Stocksy
November 30, 2018

With more people looking for ways to ease anxiety and naturally alleviate pain, it’s hard to ignore the healing power of cannabis. Whereas it used to be considered a low-key party drug, primarily smoked or consumed in baked goods, it’s now appearing in everything from beauty products to gourmet candies. If you live in California, D.C., or any of the ten states that have legalized marijuana for recreational use for adults 21 and over, that news is pretty sweet.

The problem is, I’ve never been into weed. When I’m looking for something to relax my mind and body, or to bring as a gift to a party, I reach for my trusty go-to: wine.

It’s not that I have anything against marijuana—many of my friends use it in some form, and I live in California, where it’s legal for recreational use and easy to access a wide array of high-quality cannabis products. It’s just that, personally, I’ve never had an overwhelmingly positive experience. The few times I have smoked marijuana, I felt disconnected, paranoid, or got so calm I basically passed out (not necessarily a bad thing, but still not enough to keep me coming back for more).  

Part of my hesitation […] has had to do with not knowing exactly what kind of weed I was smoking and where it came from, as well as how much I should be using.

Despite all of the scientific data coming out suggesting the health benefits of THC and CBD, particularly related to reducing pain and anxiety, I figured cannabis still wasn’t for me. A large part of my hesitation about incorporating it into my lifestyle has had to do with not knowing exactly what kind of weed I was smoking and where it came from, as well as how much I should be using. I’ve been drinking alcohol long enough to know how much wine will give me a buzz versus push me over the edge into hangover territory. With marijuana, it’s a little different: For example, “one little hit” may not do much for a friend who smokes regularly, while for a novice like me, it could be way too strong. (Kind of like how I find one glass of wine to be perfectly relaxing, yet that same amount could be overkill for someone who never drinks.)

So when I started seeing Dosist’s minimalist pens crop up on Instagram, it caught my attention. This was a cannabis pen (a recyclable one, at that) designed to address the two things that gave me pause about using cannabis regularly in the first place: Knowing exactly what I’m ingesting and precisely how much I should be using.

Photo by Dosist

Most vape devices rely on the user’s knowledge of how much to inhale, but Dosist pens gently vibrate and shut off after three seconds or once the user hits 2.25 milligrams, a single “dose.” To address different needs, the pens come in six cannabis-based formulations, each designed to promote and enhance a certain benefit—Calm, Bliss, Relief, Sleep, Arouse, and Passion. There’s also an easy-to-understand breakdown on each package of the exact formula that’s in your pen, and each kit comes with a card that explains exactly how much you should inhale and at what time intervals (one dose an hour for new users, two doses an hour for those who use moderately, and so on).

Most vape devices rely on the user’s knowledge of how much to inhale, but Dosist pens gently vibrate once the user hits 2.25 milligrams, a single 'dose.'

For the holidays, the brand just launched five limited-edition kits: The Holiday Get Together kit, which comes with 50-dose Bliss and Calm pens and a limited-edition carrying case, as well as four Holiday Kits, each of which comes with your choice of 200-dose pen—Bliss, Sleep, Calm, or Relief—and a limited-edition terpene-infused candle, inspired by the formulas, to get you into the holiday spirit. (Terpenes, if you’re not familiar, are essential oils from plants that are naturally mood-boosting and give certain strains their unique scent.)

Dosist’s capability to precisely dose was a big selling point for me, so my partner and I tried the Holiday Get Together kit, which we agreed would make a great gift for a couple, party host, or even parents or family members who could benefit from the pain or stress relief cannabis offers, but may not seek it out themselves. The Holiday Kits, on the other hand, could be a thoughtful present for regular cannabis users or those who love a particular kind of high (the Holiday Kit pens have 200 doses, so they won’t run out anytime soon).

Bliss, my partner’s favorite formula, is THC-forward (a 9:1 THC to CBD formula ratio) and gives you just the right amount of a mood boost; perfect for holiday get togethers. The Calm pen is more my speed, and is rich in CBD (a 1:10 THC to CBD formula) to relax the body without the head high. A great starting point for newer users—and perhaps a new swap for that after-dinner nightcap?

I usually gift wine, but these kits seem like forward-thinking alternatives that not only promote wellness, but also spark conversation. Which is to say, if you’re on my holiday shopping list, you may be getting a kit this year.

The Holiday Get Together kit retails for $80 (not including tax) and the Holiday Kits retail for $100 (not including tax) you can find them at, Dosist holiday partner locations, and in San Francisco. Bring on the holiday cheer.

Written by Cady Hunter