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3 Things Astrologers *Really* Want You To Keep In Mind This Week

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October 8, 2022

How balanced is your perspective? That's the question to ask this week as Mercury enters Libra. Here's your horoscope, from The AstroTwins.

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This Monday, October 10, Mercury returns to Libra, restoring harmony to fractured bonds.

Did you judge someone's idea too quickly last month while Mercury was retrograde (September 9 to October 2), or write them off because you didn't see eye to eye? Justifiable reasons notwithstanding, reconsider your hard-line perspective over the next few weeks.

Fair-minded Mercury in Libra reminds you that there are two sides to every coin. Even if you agree to disagree, can you hear someone else's POV? That willingness alone can invite proactive dialogue (which Mercury in Libra lives for). From there, don't be surprised if an unexpected solution emerges. Even if negotiations are time-consuming, a patient, peaceful approach will be the most effective. Since Mercury already passed through Libra once from August 25 to September 23, don't be surprised if this is your second time back at the dealmaking table.

Don't jump the gun this Wednesday!

With quickfire Mars battling illusion-spinning Neptune—for the first in a series of three squares—you could rush into a situation that sounds a lot more promising than it actually is.

Details may be purposely obscured or, thanks to Mars in fast-talking Gemini, you could get lured in by a slick sales pitch. A "user-friendly" person might butter you up to get what they want, then leave you hanging. On your end, make sure you can truly deliver before you commit to anything. If an offer sounds promising, give yourself a few days to run the numbers, consider the time involved, and weigh this all against your existing obligations. It feels great to be generous, but with sacrificial Neptune in Pisces, you could get pulled underwater trying to fix someone else's problems. But the Mars-Neptune square can be healing, too. Midweek, you may finally gather the courage to bring up an important subject or reveal your buried brilliance!

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Is it lasting love — or just a magic moment? With cosmic charmer Venus touring Libra since September 29, feelings have ballooned to larger-than-life proportions.

Maybe you became insta-BFFs with a fellow TikToker, or you're falling head over Dr. Martens for a friendly connection turned situationship. Nothing wrong with catching feelings! But you'll need to approach this from a more grounded perspective this Friday. The reason? Pragmatic Saturn in Aquarius enters the picture and delivers a gentle (but unwavering) reality check to idealistic Venus. As the two dance into a cooperative trine, they'll enjoy some parallel play, meaning you don't have to chuck all romanticism out the window. Just slow it down a little, OK? Fun as it's been to get swept along in the Venus-fueled good vibes, Saturn's approach to emotions is full spectrum. Stop prolonging the honeymoon phase and discover the joys of truly knowing someone's ins and outs. Their quirks might just grow on ya!

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