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Vine To Table: Why Grapes Are The Perfect Snack

October 6, 2020
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
By Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
Matt Scheetz is a brand strategist at mindbodygreen and a NASM-certified personal trainer.
Image by Columbine Vineyards / mbg Contributor
October 6, 2020

The whole "three square meals" thing is a relic of the past. These days, whether you follow intermittent fasting, work unconventional hours, or just have a schedule that can only be defined as "unpredictable," snacking is probably a pillar in your routine.

But peruse the grocery aisles for long enough, and you'll realize that unnecessary ingredients and additives have given the whole institution of snacking (you bet it's an institution) a bad rap. Let's set the record straight: Smart snacking is good for the mind, the soul, AND the body—as long as you know what to reach for.

To us, snack time is the perfect opportunity to satisfy our (ever-present) sweet tooth, so we indulge this craving with foods rich in natural sugars that do more than just make our taste buds happy (though they should do that, too). We can't think of any food that checks all these boxes (and more) like grapes or any grower who does them better than Columbine® Vineyards. Here's what makes these little pops of perfection the ultimate snack:

They're packed with heart-healthy benefits...

Grapes are chock-full of antioxidants called polyphenols, which, in addition to giving them their color, provide a variety of health benefits. Not only are they anti-inflammatory, but they're game-changers when it comes to heart health. Polyphenols can help ward off the buildup of plaque in your arteries. A diet that's rich in grapes is a great way to keep your heart healthy and happy. 

...and a slew of other health perks.

From magnesium to zinc (not to mention an alphabet's worth of vitamins), grapes are a delicious way to get more nutrients into your diet (we won't even get into their cancer-fighting, cholesterol-reducing properties).

Not all varieties are created equal, though, so it's important you check where yours are coming from, as well as what time of year you're buying them. We're big fans of Columbine Vineyards' Holiday® Grapes because in addition to all the above, they're champions of sustainable sourcing practices and committed to quality standards. And you're in luck because (if you're reading this in the fall), they're in store until the end of November!

No assembly required.

Image by Columbine Vineyards / mbg Contributor

Getting dinner on the table for the whole family—especially around the holidays—can be quite the endeavor. Chopping, mixing, baking—can't we just get to the "eating" part? So when it comes to snacking, we try to make things as simple as possible.

Grapes are delicious all on their own, require exactly zero prep work, and can be taken literally anywhere. So although these qualities can also be attributed to plenty of items you'd find in the inner aisles of the store, we think that Holiday Grapes are the perfect option to upgrade your grab-and-go snacking game to a higher (healthier) level.

Like your favorite scarf, they go with anything.

As handy and accessible as they might be on their own, let us not forget that grapes can also provide a sweet kick to some of your favorite holiday dishes. Throw them on top of some arugula with some walnuts and avocado for a superfood-packed salad, satisfy that savory/sweet combo by pairing them with goat cheese atop your favorite gluten-free toast, or add some sweetness to your root veggies by stuffing them with roasted grains, shallots, and grapes. 

They provide the ultimate midday boost.

Ah yes, the 2 p.m. slump. We know her all too well. When this dreaded feeling hits, many people opt for another cup of coffee, which can not only trigger all sorts of disruptions to your sleep but can result in a crash that makes that 2 p.m. slump feel like nothing. For us, we prefer to get our boost from sources of natural sugar. And while there are plenty of sources out there, you've probably guessed what our favorite is: Grapes are the ultimate way to give you that midday pick-me-up to get you through to dinner, sans caffeine crash.

Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT author page.
Matt Scheetz, NASM-CPT
NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Matt Scheetz is a brand strategist at mindbodygreen. He’s a NASM-certified personal trainer, so he’s usually the person everyone comes to when they need a new workout routine. He’s usually at the gym before the sun rises, which makes sense since his favorite hobby is eating things that make it necessary to be at the gym before the sun rises.