Dr. Vincent Pedre Busts The Biggest Myths About Gut Health

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Dr. Vincent Pedre Busts The Biggest Myths About Gut Health
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As the best-selling author of Happy Gut, mbg Collective member Vincent Pedre, M.D., is one of the country's leading experts on gut health. In this episode of the mbg podcast, we dive deep into the roots that shaped his current philosophy and lifestyle, from his Cuban background to how his family's immigration affected his childhood. "If you're Cuban, you become a doctor, a lawyer, or a CPA," Pedre says, laughing and noting that, with two siblings filling the lawyer and CPA spots, there was only one real profession left for him to entertain.

For him, doctoring is the perfect marriage of art and science, and he's perfected his field. In this episode, he shares the future of the microbiome, the most important foods to eat for gut health, how to know whether coffee is good in your body, how to consume alcohol in a healthy way (including the surprising reasons he loves tequila), why French and Italian wines are healthier, and ways to cheat fasting so you're not starving all the time. He also gets into the few easy healthy things that make a big difference in his diet, his thoughts on butter and ghee, and the hidden problem with consuming fat if you have a leaky gut.

If you're looking for a common-sense, implementable approach to changing your gut and life, this episode is a must-listen. When you're done, be sure to check out Pedre's teachings in the mbg Functional Nutrition program!

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