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27 Reviewers Say This Body Lotion keeps Them Hydrated — With No Sticky Residue

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Last updated on April 8, 2022

Finding good skin care products is a personal thing—what works for your needs will not always work for someone else. Not to mention, everyone craves a different sensorial experience. Honestly, a good comparison is in the culinary arts: Everyone has different dietary requirements and nutrition needs, which will affect what a person eats day-to-day. But on top of that, most people have unique taste preferences. So how we feed our bodies will reflect both aspects. The same is said about how we feed our skin.

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And to offer insights into what sort of products to look into for yourself, personal reviews can shed some light on the product. A user's honest feedback on an experience can help guide you when evaluating whether something will work. 

On that note, we've been getting some pretty thoughtful and exciting feedback on our postbiotic body lotion. The body hydrator is a blend of coconut oil, shea butter, aloe vera, oat oil, and moringa seed oil as a conditioning base. These rich moisturizers offer loads of humectants, emollients, fatty acids, and lipids to cushion the skin's moisture barrier, resulting in lasting hydration. Additionally, the formula folds in some high-powered antioxidants (a stable coenzyme q10 and a fruit complex) to help the skin fight off free radicals. These antioxidants also offer aesthetic benefits, like brightened tone, reduced irritation, and smoothness. But the stars of the show are the biotic ingredients, the pre- and postbiotics. These support your body's crucial skin microbiome—which in turn can help reduce skin irritation, improve epidermal framework reconstruction, and overall improve hydration levels. It's a multifaceted product that delivers on hydration. 

So, all of that explains the skin-nutrition end of the product, and now you're likely curious about the experience. And in that case, the best advice comes straight from the buyers: Does it work or not? Here, what they had to say. 


Huge fan

"I was already a huge fan of the unscented postbiotic lotion, and this new version takes the sensory experience up a notch with the addition of the earthy smell of neroli. My favorite part is that the subtle, lush scent really lingers on your skin." — Cecilia

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Elevated yet subtle scent

"I have a very sensitive nose, so I usually avoid scented lotions in fear of smelling excessively sweet. So I was pleasantly surprised to find that this body lotion has such an elevated yet subtle scent! Even when I apply all over my body, I only catch light whiffs of neroli throughout the day. It’s the only lotion I trust to deeply moisturize without overwhelming my senses." — Naomi


Does more than moisturize

"I've been looking for a body lotion that does more than just moisturize my skin. This product supports the microbiome of my skin, which I haven't found in any other body product. The scent is dreamy but subtle enough so I can wear it all over my body without smelling too strong, I love it!" — Mallory

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"I love this lotion!! I've always struggled with super dry skin and after putting it on my skin feels so hydrated and smooth! Not only that, the scent is extremely soothing and just what I need after getting out of the shower." — Tina


Scent is amazing

"I LOVE this body lotion! The scent is amazing and the bottle looks cute on my bedside table... vanity aside, I love how my skin feels after using it. The lotion is luxurious and doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy after use which I found with other products. Will definitely be buying more!" — Dana

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Smooth and soft

"I absolutely love the scented mindbodygreen postbiotic lotion - not only does the lotion keep my skin smooth and soft, the subtle scent is just enough that it made me feel like I was starting my day in the spa but kept its fragrance enough for colleagues to notice it throughout the day!" — J.J. B


Don't have to reapply it every few hours

"I have tried a lot (and I mean a lot) of different lotions since the beginning of winter, but mbg's neroli body lotion is the first to properly hydrate my uncomfortably tight, dry skin. And unlike the other products I've experimented with, I don't have to reapply it every few hours in order to feel the results. Just one lather post-shower and again the next morning." — Georgia

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Really calms me

"I already know and love the formula of the unscented so I was super excited to see mindbodygreen started making scented products! The scent is sweet and not too overpowering: it's perfect to use after I shower before bed because the scent really calms me and keeps me moisturized!" — Mel R.



"I am obsessed with mbg's body lotion, and the neroli scent has made me fall even more in love. I have super sensitive skin and the body lotion has given me no issue - i’m so excited i found a scented body lotion that works for me." — Stella


Fresh and clean

"I am so excited that my favorite body lotion is now offered in a neroli scent. It’s the same rich formula that I love. The fragrance is fresh and clean, but not too overpowering. I love lathering it on post-shower as part of my daily bedtime routine!" — Cora Q.


Really works

"The lotion really works." — Laura E.


So comfortable after use

"Absolutely love it. Skin feels so comfortable after use." — Wendy C.


A little goes a long way

"It moisturizes all over my body. A little goes a long way!" — Becky G.


Isn't sticky

"Really happy with this lotion! This lotion soaks in and stays in and isn’t STICKY. I was a little hesitant with the first use—went on with that white layer (like mineral sunscreen), and expected it to stay there and be sticky. I gave it 30-60 sec and popped my clothes on! My skin felt moisturized and not crepey/cracked all day! And I always have super dry skin but especially in winter. Thumbs up for postbiotic lotion!" — Elizabeth W.


Leaves my skin feeling so good

"I love this lotion! Leaves my skin feeling so good!" — Alicia N.


Soft skin, zero reaction

"My skin is sssoooooo sensitive! But, especially in the winter, it's dry too. 'Moisturize, reaction, moisturize, reaction; is how the script usually goes. Not with this lotion: 'Moisturize...soft skin, zero reaction!' Took care of my dry skin." — Carolyn R.


Took care of my dry skin

"This lotion comes out of tube very thick spreads easily and my skin feels sooooo very good and soft. Took care of my dry skin on legs and arms. I really like this lotion!" — Loretta S.


My dry winter skin loved this

"It feels like it is moisturizing my skin, and the lotion feels absorbent without being oily (which my dry winter skin loved)." —Jia 


Nothing has soothed like this

"For my entire life, I've been self-conscious of my arms. Of all the many—and I mean many—remedies I've tried, nothing has soothed the redness, cleared the rough texture, or relieved the dryness like this postbiotic body lotion." —Hannah Margaret A. 


Rich lotion to moisturize my skin

"I really have enjoyed using this rich lotion to moisturize my skin, especially during cold, dry weather: I love that there is no lasting residue and it absorbs well into the skin. I am a big fan of the fact that it is fragrance-free, and I love the ingredients used—so worth it for the ultra hydration." —Tiffany L. 


My skin drinks it up

"I was really surprised with the quality of this fragrance-free lotion. My skin drinks it up and looks refreshed! I will definitely be purchasing again." —Marry M.


Seriously dramatic improvement

"The body lotion is silky smooth, and my skin feels hydrated well into the next day. A seriously dramatic improvement in my skin!" —Liza


Lovely and luxurious

"It's effective without leaving that sticky and greasy feeling that makes you worried it's staining your clothes post-shower. Thick as butter, such a lovely and luxurious consistency." —Mallory


My new must-have

"I need more of this, please!!! I have this really annoying bump situation on my arms (keratosis pilaris), and I've tried all sorts of lotions. This one has done wonders on it. Like totally remarkable. Will be reordering immediately." —Sebastian


The texture is perfect

"I am loving this body lotion! The texture is perfect; I like how it's not too thick so it won't clog my pores but it's so so hydrating especially right after the shower." —Jasmine 


More comfortable and soft.

"I have really dry skin on my legs, and I feel totally self-conscious about them! This has been making my skin look and feel so much better. I apply it every morning, and the entire day my skin feels so much more comfortable and soft than it normally does." —Naomi


Left zero residue. 

"I'm usually hesitant to use body lotion because I typically shower and leave the house pretty soon after, and always get that post-body lotion-ing film that is just SO uncomfortable. I didn't experience that at all with postbiotic body lotion because it sank into my skin so quickly and left zero residue. Safe to say I'm now a body lotion convert and have found a keeper!" —Camila 

Alexandra Engler
Alexandra Engler
mbg Beauty Director

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