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Skin That Glows: What That Means & How To Get There

March 17, 2021
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March 17, 2021

Ever wonder how to keep your skin glowing all year round? Most of us can relate or remember a time when our skin felt dry, itchy, or dull. Seasons change, but it doesn't mean your skin has to suffer. Instead, it can be rejuvenated! Skin care isn't just about seasonal shifts and routines—it's about fostering a constant relationship to the interior and exterior factors of our lifestyle and environment.

As I've navigated skin care both personally and professionally for over two decades, I've learned ways to honor the relationship with my skin. I am constantly aware and observant of changes and shifts that happen on a daily basis. However, there are times when a reaction can creep up, and I know now that it's key to understand the underlying cause for these skin issues. Once we know the cause, we can better care for our skin with natural, glow-boosting products like those found in the Burt's Bees Truly Glowing Skin Care Collection.

So, what's that winter skin all about?

Understanding our body and its daily shifts is key to fully caring for ourselves. Skin is not only the largest organ we have but is a reflection of every aspect of our lives. Our diet, mindset, stress levels, hormone balance, daily habits, food, lifestyle choices, and/or environmental surroundings all show up through our skin. Have you reflected lately on what can shift or be improved in your life? We easily forget the connection our lifestyle has to our body, especially during a tough winter season.

When it's cold, we don't move as much—therefore, our body's circulation is not at its optimal state. With suboptimal circulation, every cell in the body suffers because they're receiving fewer nutrients. Lack of circulation is instantly reflected by dull, lackluster skin. Implementing daily or even weekly facial massages has immediately improved my skin's overall complexion and glow.

How else can we prevent dry skin and keep it glowing during the winter season and year-round? Here are some quick tips that can help enhance your skin's natural moisture barrier and give you a radiant optimal glow.

Avoid hot showers and baths.

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This can strip the moisture from your epidermis, causing immediate dryness and irritation on the surface of the skin. Exposure to hot water with temperatures over 98.6 degrees causes blood-vessel dilation that results in water loss throughout the epidermis. Pat, don't rub, your skin dry, and moisturize while it's still damp to help your product penetrate.

Drink at least 50% of your body's weight in ounces.

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During the winter months, we tend to drink less water and more coffee, teas, or other beverages that can dehydrate our skin. If you can't drink all your water, eat it with foods such as cucumbers, tomatoes, and apples.

Get extra support from humidifiers.

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Humidifiers will help restore and retain moisture in the home or office, as heaters deplete moisture in the air. This is especially helpful at night when combined with a night cream; skin is more apt to drink in moisture.

Gently exfoliate.

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Make sure you are exfoliating once per week so your skin care products can absorb more effectively. The benefits of exfoliation, when done right, are no secret. Gentle (I repeat, gentle) exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells accumulated from dry winter air, leaving the skin looking more glowy.

Give yourself regular face massages.

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There's no denying how effective and important facial massages are. We tend to forget that we use our facial muscles every single day by eating, talking, and just unknowingly as we are awake or asleep. Facial massages not only tone your facial muscles but also relieve tension, release toxins, boost circulation, improve product absorption, and, most importantly, give relaxation! They're a simple but often forgotten way to brighten your skin tone and smile, especially when paired with glow-boosting oils.

Don't forget self-love.

I often get asked how my skin is just glowing, and how I stay looking youthful. The truth is it's a practice of self-care on a daily basis. This can mean staying devoted to your skin care routine, journaling, taking time to call a friend, or just picking up a new hobby. As a mother, it's easy to focus on everyone else's needs before my own. I had to pivot the way in which I was showing up for myself with my own self-love and care before I could for others.

This shift and mindset have changed my life and touches on every aspect of my well-being, including my skin. Of course, I have to admit, key ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, squalene, and jojoba oil—which can be found across the Burt's Bees Truly Glowing skin care line—give me the support I need to keep my glow throughout all seasons of life.


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