A PhD On Why Movement Is Her Cure-All

Photo: mbg Creative

Shauna Harrison thrives on a challenge. Some days, it’s pushing up against her physical limits. Others, it’s overcoming mental hurdles—just as tough and important as the physical ones. It’s rare to see someone as authentic as Harrison: she talks the talk and walks the walk.

Based in the Bay area, Harrison heads up the influencer program and social media of Zenrez, all while running her own #sweataday challenge on Instagram. Through Shauna's work on her social platforms she empowers others to live their best lives from a place of knowing that it’s not easy. Harrison will be the first to say that she’s here for you, and with you. She’s real with her followers and maintains that progress is better than perfection.

Find out how Harrison overcomes her own biggest challenges to reach peak performance in this video.

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