Make This Self-Hand Massage Your One-Minute Daily Ritual

Image by Miachel Breton

There are 24 hours in a day, and lots of opportunity for something to throw us off our game or cause stress. But in a matter of just one mindful minute, you can create a grounding, centering moment for yourself. At mbg, we’re all about easy, simple acts of self-love, and one of our favorite ways to do this is with a self-hand massage.

You can do this 60-second hand massage anytime, anywhere—and without anything but a hand cream that helps revitalize your senses with natural essential oils. Our pick is Weleda’s Hydrating Hand Cream with sea buckthorn oil for moisturizing hands that tend to feel very dry, or Weleda’s Soothing Hand Cream with gentle almond oil for skin that’s on the sensitive side. Both hand creams contain nutrient-abundant oils to provide a comforting, delicately aromatic experience and silky soft, touchable hands.

Ready to go? Watch our step-by-step video above, and you’ll make your hands—and your mind and spirit—very happy.

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