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Running Doesn't Have To Hurt — Here's What You Might Be Missing

July 26, 2023
Branded Content Editor
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July 26, 2023

When you find a type of exercise that lights you up, you want to figure out ways to keep doing it. And if you've tasted the bliss of a runners' high, you know what we mean. Whether it's your first run or thousandth, there's nothing more satisfying than being on the other side of a heart-pumping run. So how can we keep that feeling going strong?

Running doesn't have to hurt

Sometimes running gets a bad rap. We often hear that running is "hard on the body," but does it have to be that way? Running will always present a challenge (that's why it's so rewarding), but it doesn't have to hurt. There's a whole gambit of measures we can take to prevent injury and even make running a comfortable experience (yes, really).

Research indicates that running consistently1, stretching2, strength training2, and improving form1 are all reliable techniques for reducing running-related injuries (RRIs). But it's also well established that a successful run is built from the ground up—one of the reasons runners are turning to shoes made with PUMA's NITRO™️ technology.

What your run is missing

It doesn't matter whether you're brand-new to running or a seasoned marathoner—nobody wants aches and pains. If running is making you wince, the first thing to question is whether or not your shoes are the perfect pair. Because the construction of your kicks does matter—for example, soft and thick midsoles translate to less impact3 and "remarkable cushioning effects3."

But we also know that running has different effects on different bodies. So, what is your run missing?

Image by PUMA / Contributor

If you're looking to support your everyday run 

It doesn't matter whether you're into races, treadmills, tracks, or a sprinkle of everything. Running is about freedom, and PUMA's flagship running shoe, the Velocity NITRO™️ 2 is designed to support every type of run. If your run needs more responsiveness and next-level cushioning—you can count on PUMA's innovative NITROFOAM™️ technology. But this shoe is also made with PUMAGRIP, a rubber compound for multi-surface traction. Built for any distance, this do-it-all trainer is the perfect way to take your comfort up a notch.

PUMA Velocity NITRO™️ 2

An all-in-one neutral running shoe for any distance, the Velocity NITRO™️ 2 is a lightweight and sleek update to the Run PUMA roster.

If you're focusing on injury prevention

While there is a variety of causes behind running injuries, studies4 show that more than 80% of them happen at or below the knee. And while a certain degree of pronation is actually helpful when we run, overpronation or pronating too quickly is connected to a higher risk of injury4. To help support runners' pronation velocity and a healthier running motion, PUMA created their ForeverRUN NITRO™️ running shoes. If you know you're prone to extra pronation—the stability and cushioning of this shoe might be what's missing.


The ForeverRUN NITRO™️ dawns a new era of support and guidance for all runners, providing the softness of a full NITRO™️ midsole without compromising stability.

If you're trying to improve performance

Every runner shares at least one goal: the desire to get from here to there a little faster. We want propulsion, but we also want cushioning and traction along the way. PUMA's Deviate NITRO™️ 2 shoes also utilize NITRO™️ technology—meaning more responsiveness, all in a lightweight package. But they also feature an engineered plate to propel you forward even faster, with extra grip around the ankle for stability. This could be key for your next fastest time, so don't miss it.

PUMA Deviate NITRO™️ 2

More responsive than its award-winning predecessor, the Deviate NITRO™️ 2 features a full-length layer of premium NITRO™️ Elite foam at the midsole for supreme cushioning and peak propulsion.

Forever running

With everything it does for our physical and mental well-being, there's no question about our love for running. The real question is, how can we run forever? Like all things, a better run is built from the ground up. Quite literally, your running shoes are that solid foundation beneath every accomplishment. Remember, running doesn't have to hurt! And choosing the right pair of shoes is your next best step to keep (or start!) running for the long term.

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This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.
This ad is displayed using third party content and we do not control its accessibility features.