This Mom Of 3 Is A Handstand Pro. Here's What She Eats To Stay Strong

Written by Heidi Kristoffer

Photo by Tom Lew

Nothing feels better than feeling strong, especially as a mom to three under three. Realizing my strength through yoga—specifically, being able to hold myself up with my own two hands—reminds me that I am capable.

In a perfect world, I would practice yoga every day for 90 minutes, and I’d have hours to devote to preparing my families’ meals from scratch in the kitchen, while my baby happily bounces in his jumper or naps, and my two-year old twins play peacefully.

Any mom reading this knows that is fantasy land. In reality, I haven’t seen 90 minutes of yoga since I was pregnant with my twins.

All of a sudden, having 10 minutes for yoga can feel like a win, and getting us all to eat greens, fruits, and protein is cause for enormous celebration. One of the easiest ways I’ve found to do it, though, is with Bolthouse Farms® Plant Protein Milk, which helps keep everyone in the family nourished without losing out on flavor. It’s a vegan and non-dairy refrigerated milk alternative that has 10 grams of plant protein per serving (versus 1 gram in almond milk), so I feel good about giving it to my family.

Right now, my children need me now more than my practice needs me. And, that’s totally fine—it’s not forever! But for me to be the best mom I can be, to be able to take deep breaths and create space before reacting, I do need some version of my practice.

So, knowing my time on the mat is short, I focus on the poses that make me feel confident, calm, and strong. (Check out the flow below!)

This means I need to make sure that I’m fueling my body with the best of the best, which, for my lifestyle, is plant-based nutrition. With my three babes, I have no wiggle room to have bad days or feel tired.

For me, protein is key to feeling strong and energized. And because kitchen time is short, my daily smoothie is my non-negotiable. That’s the easiest, quickest way for me to get a hit of nutrients from fruit, leafy greens, and incorporate protein. My favorite way to do this right now is to blend up leafy greens, a frozen banana, and nut butter, with Bolthouse Farms Unsweetened Plant Protein Milk. I was super excited when I discovered it because it’s so creamy and delicious.

I fuel myself to feel strong, and then I practice the yoga poses that make me feel strong, confident and capable. That’s my recipe for a strong, happy, well-lived yogi mama day!

Strength Smoothie

Photo: Tom Lew

Serves 2



Place all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth. Start with 2 cups milk, and add to your desired consistency.

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3 Powerful Poses To Practice When You’ve Only Got 10 Minutes On The Mat

Warm up with Sun Salutations of your choice.

Photo: Tom Lew

1. One-legged dolphin push-ups (which prepare you for forearm stand)

From all fours, place forearms on the ground shoulder distance apart, tuck toes, and lift hips into dolphin. Take a breath here, then lengthen right leg high to a dolphin split. Start to reach chin toward thumbs on an inhale, coming almost to a forearm plank. Use your exhale to lift back to dolphin, raising hips back toward the ceiling. Do 10 reps. Rest in child's pose for three breaths, then repeat with left leg high.

Photo: Tom Lew

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2. Crow Pose

Begin in a forward fold. Plant your palms shoulder-distance apart on the mat, line your wrist creases up with the front edge of the mat. Press into your fingertips, look slightly forward, and take your knees into the back of your upper arms, aiming for your armpits (though your knees will most likely slide down). Bend your elbows softly, keeping them in line with your shoulders, not winging out. Then, one at a time, lift your feet off the ground, reaching your heels toward your butt. Keep your gaze slightly forward and start to lengthen your arms. Breathe here for 3 to 5 deep breaths.

Photo: Tom Lew

3. L-handstand at wall (prepares you for handstand)

Measure a leg's distance away from the wall to determine where to put hands on the ground. Face away from the wall on all fours. Place hands shoulder-width apart on the ground where you measured your leg distance. Walk feet up the wall until your body forms an "L" position, letting your head fall toward the ground. Try to line up shoulders and wrists as best as you can; hips will move beyond them. Stay here for 5-10 deep breaths.

Be conscious while you are moving through or breathing in these poses that you are, in fact, holding yourself up with your own two hands. You got this!

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