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10 Power Mantras To Help You Combat Stress

December 16, 2015
By Ashley Turner, M.A.
Ashley Turner is a yoga and meditation teacher and the founder of Yoga.Psyche.Soul–an advanced Yoga Psychology Training for yoga teachers, therapists and students. She received her B.A. from the University of Southern California and her Master's degree in psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is also a Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist.
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December 16, 2015

The holidays are a sacred season of joy, celebrating with loved ones, giving, and cheer. But they can also conjure stress and loneliness.

Life’s challenges can seem magnified when viewed through the lens of cheery holiday cards and incessant commercials urging us to buy, buy, buy. We can too easily get sucked into old patterns of emotional eating and drinking, overspending, self-criticism, and unhealed family dynamics.

Here are 10 mantras to help combat holiday stress, anchor you in your center, and keep you grounded and grateful to thoroughly enjoy this holiday season.

As you read the affirmations below, notice which ones resonate with you. Choose two or three of the most relevant mantras, commit them to memory, and work them daily!

1. I celebrate abundance, and I’m open to receive all the love, joy, and nourishment of the holidays.

Acknowledge and focus on building and strengthening relationships and your own spiritual connection during this season.

2. I love myself! I choose food, drink, exercise, and encounters that support my highest good.

Notice who you’re hanging out with and what invitations you accept. Craft your holiday social calendar with your health and wellness in mind — and a healthy dose of balanced indulgence!

3. I release my pain and forgive the past. I am free to love.

The holidays can bring up resentments or anger from past relationships or family history. This is a great mantra if you’re still letting go and opening your heart to love more freely.

4. I am prosperous, and I give wisely with a generous heart.

The season of giving can lead to overspending and conspicuous consumption. Reign in the desire to buy more and prioritize your financial freedom. What can you give that doesn’t cost a lot (or cost anything)? Maybe a “friend date” or homemade gift infused with creativity and love?

5. I open my heart and accept others as they are.

When we visit family, it can be easy to regress into old patterns of behavior that we should have long outgrown. Practice seeing others through the eyes of the heart. Accept others as they are, not how you wish they would be. You may need to build in some time for yourself — schedule a trip to the store, gym, or a yoga class during family time to bring yourself back to center.

6. Life is sweet and I enjoy it!

Emphasize the goodness, joy, and true meaning of the holidays. Allow yourself to fully receive the gifts of this season.

7. I accomplish tasks easily and effortlessly.

When you feel overwhelmed, stop, breathe, and feel. Then choose which tasks actually need to get done. Prioritize. Most of the things we think we should do aren’t all that essential. Simplify, simplify, simplify.

8. I choose uplifting, supportive encounters. I have the power to remove myself from any negative situations.

If you must spend time around co-workers or family members who cause you stress, build in an escape plan. Take a break every hour or two from family members (see #6). Limit time at holiday parties you feel obligated to attend, and bring along a wing-woman who makes you smile.

9. I choose the present and fill this moment with fun, joy and light.

Avoid getting swept into the flurry of holiday activities with one simple practice: Follow your breath. As soon as you place your attention on your breath, you’re focused on the present. This keeps us out of worry and anxiety (worrying about the future) and anger/resentment (being stuck in the past). Focus on the unique beauty of this moment.

10. Gratitude awakens the good in my life.

Most of all, an attitude of gratitude awakens the magic of any moment. Notice how much health and peace you have, and keep giving thanks! How can you share and give to those who are less fortunate than you? The gift of giving is the quickest way to open the heart and capture the spirit of the season!

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