The One Probiotic Rule From A Chef Who Takes Her Ingredients Seriously

Written by Jeanine Donofrio

I'm a cookbook author and food blogger, which means I've got a big list of foods I try to eat regularly to support my gut health—including fresh fruits and veggies and high-fiber foods like whole grains. My philosophy is simple: Basically, I look for foods that are in their true form as they grow in the ground.

So I'm at the farmers market most days, and nine out of 10 times I have no plan. I just love to walk through the rows and rows of seasonal fruits and veggies and let them inspire whatever meal or recipe I'm creating. A healthy dinner is all about letting your ingredients take center stage and trying not to take shortcuts with processed, pre-prepared foods as much as possible. (For me, a great meal is as simple as starting with fresh vegetables and olive oil and ending with a squeeze of lemon and a dash of salt.)

But especially if I'm traveling or working long hours, I'll rely on extra probiotic support. I look for probiotics that are backed by science but that still keep as close to nature as possible by avoiding any unnecessary or artificial additives—Garden of Life probiotics check these boxes, so I can maintain a gut-healthy lifestyle with ingredients that I always feel great about.

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