6 Things You Need To Know Today (November 22, 2017)

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1. There's a huge upside to playing sports as a kid.

According to research, 96 percent of female C-suite female executives (think CEOs, COOs, and CFOs) played sports as teenagers. Unfortunately, girls drop out of sports at 1.5 times the rate boys do by age 14. The main reason? They didn't see a future for themselves in the world of athletics, so they wanted to prioritize things that would actually help them in the long term, like school and extracurriculars. (Refinery29)

2. Can learning about your DNA make you depressed?

In the wake of the widespread availability of DNA-testing services, a question has emerged: Is it possible to know too much about your genetic makeup? A recent study showed that people who were told they had a genetic predisposition to depression experienced an upsurge in depression symptoms, which casts worrying light on other diseases people are shown to be genetically susceptible to. Can believing you're going to get Alzheimer's, for instance, make you more likely to get Alzheimer's? More research is needed, but for now, no news might be good news. (The Cut)

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3. There's a hidden downside to activity trackers.

A recent study found that activity trackers actually made people less motivated to move their bodies, perhaps because they felt "lazy" and chided into moving. The take-away? Feeling like you have more control of your actions results in greater action, period. (NYT)

4. A compilation of existing research explains why people turn into the worst version of themselves on Black Friday.

Feelings of scarcity, unfairness, and competitive arousal drive people into crowds that trample, yell at innocent employees, take items from others' carts, and more. The silver lining? They get great pleasure from shopping and—sometimes—bond over it. (NYT)

5. The Nebraska Keystone XL pipeline was approved, with an important footnote.

The pipeline would carry tar sands oil from Alberta to refineries in the southern United States. But there's a catch. Land negotiation is on the horizon, as the pipe would pass through many landowners' properties, opening up a debate that could further delay the project. This comes just weeks after the original Keystone pipeline (that KXL was meant to supplement) suffered a huge oil spill. (Grist)

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6. California Pizza Kitchen is going plant-based.

CPK just became this first national restaurant brand to serve up their own gluten-free cauliflower pizza crust. The brand is also looking to add more veggie-centric options to menus around the country. We'll take a piece of that pie. (Food Beast)

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